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Dungeon Dorm Room... Literally

(above image from: ZoeK3000 ) Caves. Dungeons. Prisons. ...All too often dorm rooms are referred to under those terms. Yeah, cinder-block isn't all that cozy. Yeah, tile is awfully cold under your bare feet. Yeah, windows are often too small to let in the sun's lovely rays. But get a load outta the dorm room! It's very reminiscent of a castle chamber, don't you think? This is a real dorm, but not of the American variety. It's actually a dorm in Turkey. But it may have some of you feeling suddenly grateful for your smooth cinder-block, chilly floors, and narrow windows. This place literally feels like a dungeon. Even with its stone walls/floor/ceiling and lack of windows, I still think this "cave room" has some potential. Layering some oriental rugs on the floor, draping colorful tapestries over the walls, and bringing in some furniture with ornate flair could turn this drab dungeon into a chamber fit for a lady-in-waiting. Or a big, black cof

Bookshelf Headboard

organized bookshelf Originally uploaded by peachheights This is a fantastic small-space solution for both dorms and apartments. The bookcase doubles as a headboard. It adds not only floorspace, but also some visual interest to the room. While all-white makes a fresh statement in this room, I'm sure using wood tones and colors would work, too. What would make it even better? A bedside table with a lamp or a clip-on lamp that attaches to one of the shelves would really transform this into an ideal reading nook. :) Amore.

A Wordly Study Space

(above image from: serdar123 ) Take a cue from this real dorm room and add some Old World charm to your workspace by displaying a world map above your desk. The more vintage, antique, rumpled, pirate-y the map...the better! Amore.

Henry Link in the Dorm

(above image: Jackson Hall from Emmanuel College's Flickr photostream ) I couldn't find an exact date for the above vintage dorm room. Judging by some of the decor I'd guess maybe late sixties through the seventies? (If you have a better guess, let me know!) What I love about it is that cream-colored French provincial desk. My bedroom back home is outfitted in furniture by the same company, which is either Henry Link or Dixie (the companies were related). I wish I had a desk like that in my room here at school! Amore.