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In my last post, one of the lovely ladies had on a pair of fabulous printed tights . Well, I read the notes on her photo and found out that she got them from So I zoomed over to Modcloth and found many more pairs of tights in pretty patterns! If only I had known about these pretties earlier and could have had time to order myself some in time for Thanksgiving dinner. :( So head on over to Modcloth right now to check out their tights section! Amore.

Fall Fashion Favorites

( ornithes ) I love her black shoes, black tights, and black skirt with the black-and-white striped shirt and yellow cardigan. Since I will be attending my boyfriend's family Thanksgiving dinner for the second year in a row, I want to pick an extra-cute outfit. I remember that last year I wore dark skinny jeans, a purple blouse, moccasins, and my favorite plaid purple scarf. I wore my hair wavy and my nails were painted my favorite shade of "Flirty Pink". As much as I loved that outfit last year, and still do, I want to go in a different direction this year. This fall I'm really into boots, pretty dresses with simple belts at the waist, and cardigans. I have a fabulous pair of suede, brown, fringey moccasin boots. And I have a navy blue boyfriend cardigan that is probably my favorite thing ever to wear. So I'm thinking off hitting up some thrift/vintage shops in search of a lovely frock to belt or a sweater dress. In the meantime, I scavenged Flickr for in

Chic Dorm Featured on Apartment Therapy

This is one of those dorms rooms that are so chic, that you can hardly believe that it is actually a dorm room. It belongs to Rachel, a student in Atlanta, Georgia... and it was featured on Apartment Therapy. I love that she worked with the wood tones of the dorm room furniture rather than fight against it. Orange pairs well with the warm wood. I like all of the white she incorporated as well... the comforter, her laptop, the material she used on top of the desk, bookcase, and dresser. All photos were found via Apartment Therapy DC. Amore.

Bold Statement Wall

(above image from: LXH ) I'm not always a fan of covering walls with photographs. I know that for some dorm-dwellers, plastering their walls with photos of friends and family remind them of home's memories and fend off bouts of homesickness. I really like how the above college student went about displaying photos in her room. If you look closely, you'll see cherished photos of friends and good-times. But much what's there is scenic photos, ads from magazines, a couple posters, and some art. She has a lot of color and variety, but she also took a lot of time putting everything up. There's nothing haphazard about the arrangement. A printed comforter might have taken this dorm room over the edge graphically, but the solid black and bright yellow grounds what could chaotic. I love the statement. I love the colors. And I love how she's so happy and smiley to be in her dorm! :) Amore.

Keep Calm & Carry On with a Cubicle Bookcase

(above image from: rachellake ) In this college apartment, I find myself really like two things: 1) the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster print in lime green. I know, I know... this slogan is plastered all over Etsy and has appeared repetitively in the blogosphere. But I'm not quite tired of it just yet. And the motto is especially fitting for students. And 2) the bookcase. I don't know whether this one is from Ikea, or Target, or wherever... but what a great way to organize! There are bins/drawers at the bottom to hide away clutter. Books can be arranged by color (as this apartment dweller did). And the cubby-holes can also be used to display your beloved knick-knacks. I really want one of these cubicle bookcases for myself. :) Amore.

1897 Yale Dorm Room

(above image from: chiesavecchia collection ) It's amazing to be able to peer back into the 19th Century and catch a glimpse of a dorm room. Notice the table cloth, the curtained bookcase, and the desk. Oh, how I'd love to have a desk like that in my dorm room. There's so much character in old furniture. Amore.

Wine-hued Curtains

(above image from: strobe.lights ) I just wanted to say that I love the rich wine color of these curtains. Perfect for fall. Amore.

Not Your Typical Dorm Room Bunk Bed

(above image from: donpvm ) Bunk beds are a dorm room staple, but they're usually of the boring, minimal, yellowish-wood-toned variety. Isn't the above dorm bunk bed a breath of fresh air? Okay, so two guy roommates probably wouldn't be thrilled about sleeping in a princess bunk bed... but for girls, this bed could be the launching pad for a shabby-chic dorm room. Add a little color, pretty curtains, a rug, and some accessories... it could be such a whimsical retreat. Amore.