Keep Calm & Carry On with a Cubicle Bookcase

(above image from: rachellake)

In this college apartment, I find myself really like two things: 1) the "Keep Calm and Carry On" poster print in lime green. I know, I know... this slogan is plastered all over Etsy and has appeared repetitively in the blogosphere. But I'm not quite tired of it just yet. And the motto is especially fitting for students. And 2) the bookcase. I don't know whether this one is from Ikea, or Target, or wherever... but what a great way to organize! There are bins/drawers at the bottom to hide away clutter. Books can be arranged by color (as this apartment dweller did). And the cubby-holes can also be used to display your beloved knick-knacks. I really want one of these cubicle bookcases for myself. :)


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