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Hand-Me-Down Couch?

above: all 3 photos from As college students, we don't always have a lot of money to spend on furniture. So it's a blessing when a relative donates an old sofa to you or you come across cheap couch at a secondhand store. But sometimes the sofa (as comfy or clean as it may be) isn't always in the nicest shape to stand alone. And so you resort to the old college trick of throwing a big bedsheet over it. And voila! I've never been very fond of throwing a sheet or large blanket over a ratty sofa to disguise it. I will say though, that when browsing CoteMaison (thank goodness for Google-Translator!) I was pleasantly surprised with the feature "The Second Life of a Couch." The article features several sofas covered in blankets---but done the right way. These covered sofas look classy, comfy, and colorful. So if you keep turning down the ratty old loveseat that Aunt Vicki no longer wants but insists you take to your new campus apartment, t


above: Pictured above is a bedroom shared by two girls. I love the crisp white walls paired with bold red and turquoise furniture. Unfortunately, most dorms are not furnished with such fabulous pieces... but I think this bedroom is very inspiring as far as furniture-arrangement goes. If you have a roomie and are looking for a unique way to arrange, take some cues from this room and go for near perfect symmetry. Limit yourselves to two colors that look good together... (she can pick a color, you can pick one.) Indulge in lots of white---leave the white walls nice and empty except for bold pieces of art, dress the beds in comfy white bedding, choose white accessories like white picture-frames. I also really like how the beds are in their own little nook; it's cozy and lends a feeling of privacy. Amore.

Miss Scholastic's Christmas Wish ;)

(above: Camera Face by Kagoru-chan on DeviantArt ) Well, what I would like for Christmas is to see some fabulous dorm room photos posted to the Miss Scholastic Flickr Group . I know there must be some chic dorms and stylish college apartments out there... so head on over to the group and show them off! I'll feature your room(s) here on the blog and give you due credit for your savvy decor. Happy Holidays! (...and safe travels, too!) Amore.

Very Last Minute Gift Guide

Christmas is nearly upon us... and you should have had your shopping done by now. But sometimes things come down to the last minute. Don't freak out. Don't rush around. Hit Target and pick up one of these easy gifts fit for any college student. Gals: 1. This Dane 2GB USB Drive would come in handy for toting around important school paper and files... and it comes in pink! 2. Soap & Glory's Glow Hydrating Shimmer Lotion is seriously amazing stuff. It smells great, leaves your skin with a soft glow, and comes in fabulous retro-inspired bottles and packaging. 3. Lady Gaga's new CD The Fame Monster is a must-have. 4. Flameless Candles will add ambiance to the dorm room or apartment without creating a fire risk or breaking safety rules. Guys: 5. Here's the Dane 2GB USB Drive in a more boy-friendly color. 6. Lucky Number 6 cologne by Lucky Brand ought to smell good. 7. And, of course, what guy doesn't want this year's funniest movie The Hango

Elaine: Glow in the Dark Soul

I stumbled upon Elaine's blog Glow in the Dark Soul and was so very happy to find pictures of her dorm there. The bright colors, pretty patterns, and abundance of creativity really makes for a happy, lovely space. (All photos in this post belong to Elaine.) Above: What an inspiring desk space! I love the candy-coated colors, the cupcakes, and the letter E with a bow on it. Above: Elaine uses a vintage 80s silverware organizer to hold jewelry. I love the color and the fact that it is thrifted. Above: Two words... vintage luggage. And I'm drooling. Above: I'm crazy over Elaine's diy headboard. Above: Her "partner in crime" sewing machine and two kissing dinos. Above: A pillow she made herself. (Note to self: learn to sew!) Above: A fabulous sunglasses collection. Above: There are two things I love here. 1) That white cakestand. I've been scouring antique stores for the past year searching for a lovely milkglass cakestand like this one.

Modcloth Gift Guide/Wishlist

1. Dorm Decor Book 2. The Grape Throw in Green 3. I Am Not a Paper Cup 4. Mod Go Round Bag 5. 12 Months of Color Daily Planner 6. Atomic Age Clock 7. Tutti Frutti Scarf 8. Bow and Tell Bracelet 9. Pictorial Webster's: A Visual Dictionary of Curiosities Amore.

Gorgeous NYC Studio Apartment

All images in this post are from the Reverie Jewelry photostream on Flickr. This studio apartment in NYC is a mix of all things historic, eclectic, vintage, and gorgeous. Let's take a little tour, shall we? Hopefully you found some inspiration in this space for your own apartment. For more photos of this apartment from Reverie Jewelry , click here . Amore.

UO Gift Giving Guide for the Guys in Your Life

Not sure what to buy your boyfriend, brother, and father for Christmas? Check out these Urban Outfitters presents for inspiration. 1. Tee Shirt Frames 2. X-Ray Guitar Wall Art 3. Mini Amplifier Speaker 4. Student Cookbook by Nicotext 5. Filler Up Bank 6. Lemon Powered Clock 7. Bacon Floss 8. Giant Ear Bud Speakers 9. Sound Machine 10. Crosley AV Room Portable USB Turntable 11. Desktop Darts 12. Tartan Plaid Tie Amore.

UO Gift Giving Guide for the Gals in Your Life

Stumped about what to get your best friend, sister, room-mate, and mom? Here are some fabulous gift ideas I rounded up from Urban Outfitters. 1. Circa 78 Wildflower Necklace 2. Leather Angle Gloves in Raspberry 3. Candy Buds Headphones 4. Polaroid Notes 5. Lomography Diana Dreamer Camera 6. Keep Calm Bandages 7. Metal Rose Stud Earrings 8. Boudoir Fabric Jewelry Box 9. Velvet Pouf Pillow in Buttercup 10. 2GB USB Feather 11. Apothecary Candle 12. Large Snow Globe Frame 13. Crosley Classic Kitchen Telephone Amore.

UO Decor Gift Giving Guide

Wanting to redecorate or spruce up your dorm for next semester? Moving to an apartment and in desperate need of some decor? Whether you're a student looking to revamp your space and need some Christmas ideas to add to your wish list, or you're buying for a student who loves to decorate... enjoy these treats from Urban Outfitters. 1. One of these coat racks in a bright, bold color like yellow can save closet space and keep the big winter coat within easy reach. 2. This Crosley Alarm Clock Radio Speaker has a lot going for it. It'll keep you from oversleeping on those chilly winter mornings. You can plug your MP3 player right into it. It comes with AM/FM options and an analog clock display. And, oh! It is fabulously vintage inspired. 3. The Waiting and Wishing Wall Art adds some black and white elegance to any dorm room or apartment wall. 4. This Ornate Rose Frame in black is too pretty to pass up. 5. Put your rings and bracelets on display with a Ceramic Hand

Deck the Dorm with Boughs of Holly

(above: dhm photo) Fall, I will miss you. It's December and the holidays are quickly approaching. At home, my mom put up our Christmas tree(s) before Thanksgiving! (Yes, that's plural. We have five Christmas trees up in my house, lol.) I know that a lot of students decorate their rooms for the holidays. There are strands of lights, paper-cut snowlakes, mini Christmas trees, and garland a plenty throughout the dorms. Personally, there shall be no holiday decor in my dorm. With papers to write, books to read, finals to take, and moving to prepare for, I think adding that extra Christmas pizazz would only be a hassle. But how about you? Check out this round-up of decked out dorm rooms and maybe you'll be inspired, too. 'Tis the season... (above: solracselbor) (above: Lauren A.M.) (above: mmmango25) (above: whateva87) (above: avocado milkshake) (above: C. Harris) (above: folara) (above: Mike Gdovin) (above: aarooon) Amore.