Deck the Dorm with Boughs of Holly

(above: dhm photo)

Fall, I will miss you. It's December and the holidays are quickly approaching. At home, my mom put up our Christmas tree(s) before Thanksgiving! (Yes, that's plural. We have five Christmas trees up in my house, lol.) I know that a lot of students decorate their rooms for the holidays. There are strands of lights, paper-cut snowlakes, mini Christmas trees, and garland a plenty throughout the dorms. Personally, there shall be no holiday decor in my dorm. With papers to write, books to read, finals to take, and moving to prepare for, I think adding that extra Christmas pizazz would only be a hassle. But how about you? Check out this round-up of decked out dorm rooms and maybe you'll be inspired, too. 'Tis the season...

(above: solracselbor)
(above: Lauren A.M.)
(above: mmmango25)
(above: whateva87)
(above: avocado milkshake)
(above: C. Harris)
(above: folara)
(above: Mike Gdovin)
(above: aarooon)


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Kittie Howard said...

Enjoyed your blog. Really enjoyed the holiday creativity...Happy Holidays! (And, if you don't decorate your dorm room, oh, well, that's life!)