Hand-Me-Down Couch?

above: all 3 photos from CoteMaison.fr

As college students, we don't always have a lot of money to spend on furniture. So it's a blessing when a relative donates an old sofa to you or you come across cheap couch at a secondhand store. But sometimes the sofa (as comfy or clean as it may be) isn't always in the nicest shape to stand alone. And so you resort to the old college trick of throwing a big bedsheet over it. And voila!

I've never been very fond of throwing a sheet or large blanket over a ratty sofa to disguise it. I will say though, that when browsing CoteMaison (thank goodness for Google-Translator!) I was pleasantly surprised with the feature "The Second Life of a Couch." The article features several sofas covered in blankets---but done the right way. These covered sofas look classy, comfy, and colorful.

So if you keep turning down the ratty old loveseat that Aunt Vicki no longer wants but insists you take to your new campus apartment, take her up on the offer! Take some inspiration from these sofas and transform your new piece. Choose a good quality, heavy blanket. Layer it with other throws. And toss on lots of pillows in lovely colors!



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