UO Decor Gift Giving Guide


Wanting to redecorate or spruce up your dorm for next semester? Moving to an apartment and in desperate need of some decor? Whether you're a student looking to revamp your space and need some Christmas ideas to add to your wish list, or you're buying for a student who loves to decorate... enjoy these treats from Urban Outfitters.

1. One of these coat racks in a bright, bold color
like yellow can save closet space and keep
the big winter coat within easy reach.

2. This Crosley Alarm Clock Radio Speaker has a
lot going for it. It'll keep you from oversleeping
on those chilly winter mornings. You can plug
your MP3 player right into it. It comes with
AM/FM options and an analog clock display.
And, oh! It is fabulously vintage inspired.

3. The Waiting and Wishing Wall Art adds some black
and white elegance to any dorm room or apartment wall.

4. This Ornate Rose Frame in
black is too pretty to pass up.

5. Put your rings and bracelets on display
with a Ceramic Hand Jewelry Stand.

6. Does your bed need a face-lift? UO is
overflowing with lovely bedding options.

7. This versatile Metal Accordion Side Table
could be used as a nightstand or end table.
Such versatility is a must in college living spaces!

8. The Rolling Side Table is also versatile...
and on wheels! Use it as a nightstand, end table,
laptop desk, or anything else. This thing'll
wheel to wherever your heart desires.

9. The Lana Velvet Poof is a classy way to
add extra seating to your living space.
(Plus, it's a nice place to put your feet up, too.)

10. During the day, the Sun Jar collects solar energy
from the sun. At night, it generates a soft pretty light.

11. Liven up that bland dorm carpet or cold
tile with the 5x7 Sprayed Lace Printed Rug.

12. These 9 Button Corduroy Pillows come in
bold colors and are perfect to toss on the floor
as comfy extra seating when friends come over.

13. Oooh la la. Admire these Waterfall Ruffle Curtains.
They are so delicate, romantic, and ladylike.

14. Looking to splurge? Go for the Jewel Ikat Slipper Chair.
It's a brightly-colored, timeless piece of furniture that
will be used beyond college for years to come.

By now you surely have some things to add to
your wish list or some gift ideas for that college student.
Head over to Urban Outfitters for even more ideas!


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