Very Last Minute Gift Guide

Christmas is nearly upon us... and you should have had your shopping done by now. But sometimes things come down to the last minute. Don't freak out. Don't rush around. Hit Target and pick up one of these easy gifts fit for any college student.

1. This Dane 2GB USB Drive would come in handy for toting
around important school paper and files... and it comes in pink!
2. Soap & Glory's Glow Hydrating Shimmer Lotion is seriously
amazing stuff. It smells great, leaves your skin with a soft glow,
and comes in fabulous retro-inspired bottles and packaging.
3. Lady Gaga's new CD The Fame Monster is a must-have.
4. Flameless Candles will add ambiance to the dorm room or
apartment without creating a fire risk or breaking safety rules.

5. Here's the Dane 2GB USB Drive in a more boy-friendly color.
6. Lucky Number 6 cologne by Lucky Brand ought to smell good.
7. And, of course, what guy doesn't want this year's funniest movie
The Hangover wrapped up and tucked under the tree?


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