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Magazine Decoupage Project

Nightstand Originally uploaded by lusciousluka chair project 1 Originally uploaded by Le Silly Tired of that boring side-table or wooden chair you have? Bring new life to it and make a unique statement by decoupaging the furniture with magazine cut-outs. Warning: Don't do this to furniture the school provided. ;) For instructions from re-nest on how to decoupage furniture, click here . Happy decoupaging! Amore.

Brighten Up Your Bed with Colorful Quilts

(above: notebook magazine ) I'm so weary of these dreary winter days, aren't you? I have a hankering for grass green, bubblegum pink, and sunshiney yellow! Dress up your bed with a brightly colored, multi-patterned quilt for a burst of vibrant energy. Throw on some eclectic pillows for extra pizazz. (above: ouno design ) (above: living etc ) Amore.

Brights Balanced with Black

Above: The residents of this dorm obviously love bright, bold colors by their use of lime green and their patterned bedding. Often, such colors can overwhelm a dorm or make it look childish. In this dorm, however, the use of black balances out the bright colors. I really like the color scheme. Above: The modern futon serves both as a comfy place to hang out and as spare bedding if a friend should stay overnight. The trunk can also serve multiple functions: as a footrest, as a coffee table, and as storage. Above: Now that's a well-organized closet! These roomies don't even need to pull the curtain closed over their clothes. Above: A glimpse under one of the lofted beds. Above: Both residents lofted their beds to create extra floor space and a place for bookshelves, mini-fridges, and desks. Above: A productive study space tucked underneath a loft. Above: I like the unexpected use of mismatched throw pillows. The pillows are all different patterns and colors, bu

Tomorrow Night: Greek!

ABC Family's Greek is the one show that I never miss. I'm so excited for the new season, which premieres tomorrow January 25 at 10/9c. I'm crossing my fingers that Cappie and Casey can live a happily ever after this season. ♥ Amore.

Loft Bed Hack: Bed Canopy for Your Dorm!

(image from vballprincess869 on HGTV's Rate My Space ) This is an ingenious way to re-purpose a loft bed kit. She situated her bed lengthwise against one wall and used the loft kit to put the loft bars on top instead of underneath. The black bar is the stabilizer that came with the kit. She simply draped fabric from the stabilizer. This creates a cozy sleeping space. The bed can be hidden when company comes over, or it lends some privacy if you share the dorm with a roommate. Amore.


(above: aga by paranoidalna ) (above: sensation by Michelliechelle ) (above: i love my bangs by kbauer ) Sooo... I'm craving a mini make-over. I'm planning on dying my hair a light brown for sure---something closer to my natural shade (right now I have a brownish auburn color). I'm also seriously considering bangs. I love how bangs draw attention to the eyes. What do you think? Amore.

Twofold Style

When you have to share a dorm with a roommate, your first instinct may be to divide and conquer. You get half of the room to decorate however you like... and she can do whatever she wants with the other side. But if you're aiming for a well-decorated space, you should rethink the strategy and decorate the whole room to suit both your tastes. Get in contact with your roomie ahead of time to plan out a decor scheme... or even better, go shopping together! This may involve a bit of compromise from both of you, but it's for the better if you want a fabulous, unified dorm. It's not necessary to correspond every little detail of the room. You don't have to buy the same desk accessories, notebooks, folders, or closet organizers. If you do that, your dorm will end up looking like some staged room out of a commercial catalog. As for accessories, go with a color scheme and use patterns that compliment each other. But even if you don't want to get that picky, there i

Edgar Allen Poe's Dorm

(above: Edgar Allen Poe's Dorm Room by Shogetsu50 ) Pictured above is the dorm room that author Edgar Allen Poe inhabited during his tenure at the University of Virginia, circa 1826. (Do you think that he threw raucous parties with casks of Amontillado or beer kegs?) ;) Amore.

Eclectic Single Dorm Room

Above: I love the collection of painted frames, gift- wrapped canvases, and a homemade chalkboard. Above: This nightstand is one of the most charming I've seen in a dorm room. I love the green lamp, vintage white box, classic silver alarm clock, flowers in the mason jar, and books within easy reach. Above: The desk area is well-organized with everything handy. Above: This antique mirror belonged to the resident's grandmother. I think it's a lovely vintage accent. Above: Bedding from Urban Outfitters is paired with a homemade quilt--making this bed look cozy, comfortable, and colorful. Above: Here's another look at the eclectic wall gallery--love it! Above: Pictures are displayed on a "clothesline" strung across the window. This room is eclectic, comfortable, and definitely displays the resident's personality and style. I love her creativity (the wall art, clothesline photo display), vintage style (the antique mirror, alarm clock) and comforts of

I'm not a cowgirl, but...

...I really, really want a pair of cowgirl boots. (above: Alice Harold) I like hers because of the unique green color. (above: Gold Stars for Tulip) And hers are so cute and playful with the vintage design and pop of ruby red. (above: Leila-anne) I'd be quite happy with a pair of worn-in, worn-out brown ones. (above: iluvrhinstones) But my heart is set on a pair of lovely vintage white ones, like hers. Amore.

Illuminate Your Workspace

Here are five unique lamps I found on Etsy to light up your dorm or apartment deskspace: above: Metal Stage Lamp from Hindsvik This unique lamp is reminiscent of old Hollywood set lights and theatrical lighting. Plus, the red color is bold and fun. above: Vintage Tensor Faux Bois Mid Century Desk Lamp from thesundaytimesmarket This lamp's classic lines, shiny finish, and touch of faux bois at the base would make it a fabulous addition to any space. above: Mini Ice Cream Lamp from angelmonsterrr I scream! You scream! We all scream for ice-cream... lamps! This lamp is different, but with the right decor scheme would be quite an adorable accent piece. above: Vintage Mid Century Modern Green Lamp from Modnique This lamp is painted a lovely shade of green and it would light up your whole workspace! above: Atomic Eye Yellow Desk Lamp from LiseVintageLighting I love this lamp's interesting shape and sunny color. And it doesn't take up too much space, either. Amo

Fab Tables from PBTeen

I was just browsing Pottery Barn Teen and came across these fabulous table options. All of these are ideal for dorm rooms or small apartments. The first and last are my favorites. What are yours? This C-Thru Table works in any decor scheme. It's a great cubicle storage space for odds and ends you want to have handy: magazines, school supplies, etc. The wheels make it easy to move around. And its clear structure gives the illusion of it not taking up any space. These Circolo Nesting Tables are stylish and eye-catching. You can pull out the smaller one for extra surface space, or put it away for more floor place. These would make excellent bedside or end tables. Pedestal tables are always lovely---and these Bubble-Up Bedside Tables offer the classic pedestal structure with a fun twist. They are pleasing to the eye and don't take up much space. The tiered Pop-Up Storage Bedside Tables are a little more elegant and grown-up. The top is just big enough for a lam