Brighten Up Your Bed with Colorful Quilts

I'm so weary of these dreary winter days, aren't you? I have a hankering for grass green, bubblegum pink, and sunshiney yellow! Dress up your bed with a brightly colored, multi-patterned quilt for a burst of vibrant energy. Throw on some eclectic pillows for extra pizazz.

(above: ouno design)

(above: living etc)



Elle Moselle said...

I'm in love with quilts! Such a wonderful idea :). I've been looking for the perfect quilt, but I keep leaning more and more towards the notion of learning to quilt myself. Taking up an exciting new hobby sounds fun. Thanks for this!

Unknown said...

I've had trouble finding the perfect quilt, too. Well, I've found several... but they're waaaaay outta my little price range. ;)

Quilting would be fun. I'm just afraid I wouldn't have the patience for it.