Eclectic Single Dorm Room

Above: I love the collection of painted frames, gift-
wrapped canvases, and a homemade chalkboard.

Above: This nightstand is one of the most charming
I've seen in a dorm room. I love the green lamp,
vintage white box, classic silver alarm clock, flowers
in the mason jar, and books within easy reach.

Above: The desk area is well-organized with everything handy.

Above: This antique mirror belonged to the resident's
grandmother. I think it's a lovely vintage accent.

Above: Bedding from Urban Outfitters is paired with a homemade
quilt--making this bed look cozy, comfortable, and colorful.

Above: Here's another look at the eclectic wall gallery--love it!

Above: Pictures are displayed on a
"clothesline" strung across the window.

This room is eclectic, comfortable, and definitely displays the resident's personality and style. I love her creativity (the wall art, clothesline photo display), vintage style (the antique mirror, alarm clock) and comforts of home (homemade quilt). I also quite like her rich, warm, but not extravagant use of color. The reds, greens, golds, and blue work well together.

This room and the photos in this post belong to JulieBabka on HGTV's Rate My Space.


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