Twofold Style

When you have to share a dorm with a roommate, your first instinct may be to divide and conquer. You get half of the room to decorate however you like... and she can do whatever she wants with the other side. But if you're aiming for a well-decorated space, you should rethink the strategy and decorate the whole room to suit both your tastes. Get in contact with your roomie ahead of time to plan out a decor scheme... or even better, go shopping together! This may involve a bit of compromise from both of you, but it's for the better if you want a fabulous, unified dorm.

It's not necessary to correspond every little detail of the room. You don't have to buy the same desk accessories, notebooks, folders, or closet organizers. If you do that, your dorm will end up looking like some staged room out of a commercial catalog. As for accessories, go with a color scheme and use patterns that compliment each other. But even if you don't want to get that picky, there is a very easy way to unify the dorm room...

Match your beds. Put them side-by-side. And even consider sharing a nightstand (...which is a great space-saver idea, btw!) Don't fret---your dorm won't resemble a seven-year-old set of twin sisters' bedroom. Don't believe me? Check out these matching twin beds for inspiration:

(above: ktine88)

Now, doesn't that make you wanna grab your roomie and head to Target for matching duvets? ;)


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