Casey & Ashley's ZBZ Room | Dorm Ditto #10


I'm a Greek-a-holic. And if you're not familiar with the show, Casey and Ashley are a fabulous pair of best friends and ZBZ sorority sisters. One thing that I've always admired about them is their bedroom at the ZBZ house. I've scoured the internet, but photos of their room are nearly impossible to find. :/ However, I did stumble upon this exclusive Hollywire visit to the set of 'Greek' and snatched up some shots of Casey's room. And since I haven't done a "Dorm Ditto" in forrrrever... I thought Casey and Ashley's room would be a perfect inspiration for your dorm, apartment, or sorority house room.


Above: Casey's desk is the typical college student study space with notebooks, school supplies, and a cork bulletin board. Of course, she keeps nail polish, lotion, and other beauty supplies close at hand even during study hours.


Above: Casey's room features a gorgeous damask-printed chair.


Above: Casey and Ashley are both girly-girls who adore pink. That's Casey's bed in the background---I love her pretty floral comforter and stuffed animals.


Above: Casey's dresser is accessorized with the word DREAM, a lovely white table lamp, and a vintage poster.

Creating a similar space to Casey and Ashley's room doesn't require being a sorority girl. In fact, you can pull together a look-alike room with purchases from Pottery Barn Teen and Target.

The recipe for Casey's room:
lots of pink + a pinch of prep + ladylike
florals + classic damask + vintage details

1. This Jacobean Floral Comforter features a similar
floral pattern and color scheme to Casey's bedding.
2. This Swoop Arm Chair has a classic ladylike form
and black&white flocked print like Casey's chair.
3. Deck the walls with a vintage poster print such as
"Exposition Universelle Liege" by Fernand Tousssaint.
4. This shiny retro alarm clock is a pretty timepiece to
keep you on time for your classes and social events.
5. Set this wooden word FRIENDS on your
dresser to imitate Casey's dresser top decor.
6. The Minnie Stool is a lovely alternative to a typical
desk chair--and definitely worthy of Casey and Ashley.
7. With its graceful curves and clean white color, the
Lilac Bedside Table also has three drawers for storage.
8. Dress your windows with these pretty white Suite
Ribbon Drapes
that feature pink lining on the edges.
9. Light up with a Classic Iron Lamp and Scallop Shade.
10. White wire desk accessories with keep your
study space organized and attractive.

To watch Hollywire's exclusive tour of the set of 'Greek' and interviews with the cast, click {here}. (The four photos of Casey's room are stills from Hollywire's video.)



trade show graphics said...

You could also have a minimalist wall mural plastered on your wall. It's considered part of a more progressive internal design.

round crib said...

Her room looks adorable with all the pastel colors. It speaks for the character of the owner.

Thyeme Figueiredo said...

I love you blog a lot!! A LOT!