Cute College Apartment on a Dime

This renter decorated her college apartment's living room with recycled (or should I say "upcycled") secondhand items. The futon's frame used to be an "ugly beat-up pine," but got a classy make-over with a coat of black paint. The pillows are re-covered old ones. The coffee table is a vintage 60s piece that also got painted black. The side table, lamp, and curtains were all found on clearance. And the renter painted the retro-inspired art panels by herself!

The tv sits on an old 60s buffet that was painted black. And the bookcases are from Ikea.

The zebra-printed ottoman doubles as seating and storage. Can you believe that it was made from scratch? I love fabulous diy-ers!

Photos of this space were posted to HGTV's Rate-My-Space and belong to swilt.



Stefano said...

A very good interior design. I like it and college students will like it as well.
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Rain said...

Very elegant! I love the arrangement and color contrast.

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Dreatori Alexis said...

That was a nice interior design and I thought it won't go well in that small room. Thank you for sharing this one.
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Unknown said...

I never tried renting my own apartment when I was in college but I dreamed of having comfortable beds to sleep on. Glad you have an apartment you can call your home.

Madeth said...

I could sleep, eat and drink in this apartment all day long! It's so comfy.

julie said...

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Unknown said...

I love to read and appreciate your work.
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