The difference a century can make...

I found these two photos in the Emerson College reference collection archives. Both of these pages from from the 1910 Emerson College of Oratory viewbook.

What was the cost of tuition at Emerson in 1910?
"Believe it or not, as shown in this 1910 viewbook, tuition was $75 per semester. Add to that the $5 diploma and graduation fee, a $2 entrance exam fee, a $2 physical exam fee and a $3 matriculation fee for a grand total of $462 for three years. But that doesn’t include room and board!" (quoted from here.)

How much was room and board back in 1910?
"Room and board cost an additional $150 to $350 per year depending on the dormitory. Add in $15 a year for books and stationary. Grand total: $315 to $515 per year for tuition, room/board, and books." (quoted from here.)

All I can say is---dang.



Anonymous said...

Pfff, I wish!

Elle Moselle said...

"All I can say is---dang."

I second that notion!

Frannie said...

The good ole days...