Do you do coffee?

(above: image by steph_who)

I wouldn't say that I'm a regular coffee drinker---I don't have it everyday, but maybe every two or three days. I don't drink it for the caffeine either. Sadly, caffeine doesn't have a "waking-up" effect on me. I drink it for the taste. It's always nice to cozy up with a cup of coffee when I'm reading blogs, writing a story, or doing historical research.

I like my coffee with sugar and amaretto flavoring. Occasionally I add a bit of cappuccino mix or hot chocolate powder. If I'm feeling extra adventurous, I dash some cinnamon on top. ;)

I also adore coffee houses. The smell, the decor, the atmosphere. I think it would be fun to work as a barista, but unfortunately my hometown's coffee house isn't hiring.

How about you? Do you drink coffee? Black? Cream and sugar? Fancy flavors? Do you drink it to wake up in the morning or to wind down at night? (Yes, I often drink coffee before bed...lol.)



Elle Moselle said...

I never really drink coffee. I try, but it's just not something I like. I love the way it smells though, and I too would love to be a barista or even own a coffee shop some day. Too bad I know nothing about coffee since I can't stand the way it tastes :(.

xoxo said...

I Love coffee, I adore the smell and all the little flavorings you can up into it, I can't resist piling on the whip cream and drizzling on the Carmel. But sadly I don't drink it, I don't need it; I'm sure some day when I'm older and tire easily my expert coffee making skills will come in handy. Till then I'll be content with making it for my BF.

SkinnyCanuk said...

yeah my coffee is usually just a latte so not real coffee. more like cake in a cup with two shots of espresso lol