Fashion-Forward Dorms

(above: The Container Store's "Fashion Forward Dorm" from a few years ago.)

If you truly believe that a girl can never have too many purses, pull a little inspiration from the above dorm (outfitted by The Container Store). With a good supply of inexpensive adhesive hooks, you can put your beloved bags on display. It doubles as attractive wall art and convenient storage. ;) What more could a fashionista want?

(above: The Container Store's current "Fashion Forward Dorm.")

Perhaps you're more of a clotheshorse than a purse-addict? Check out this year's fashionable dorm from The Container Store and borrow some of their fabulous ideas. Put your stylish attire front and center on wheeled clothes-racks. (You can use those awkward dorm armoires for less important things like books.) Add even more flair with a mannequin and put your favorite chic ensemble on display. You're dorm will look like an all-access pass to the backstage of a fashion show.



Stacy said...

Very cute but whose dorm room is that big!? I went to a private university in Texas and so we had pretty large dorms - with our own bathrooms, and still...I probably couldn't fit a clothes rack like that. Wish I could have though!

Unknown said...

Stacy--I know! That's the thing when it comes to commercial dorm rooms featured at Target, The Container Store, etc. Those places often display dorm rooms that are huge, have painted walls, and so many other unrealistic things. That's why I try to show mostly "real dorms" here. :) But I just love those purses on the wall as a storage idea in any space. ;)