Pink + Polka Dots

This renter faced a lot of restrictions when decorating her college bedroom apartment. No painting. No removing the desk. No nails. No holes of any kind in the walls. No 3M hooks. Well, she broke a few of those rules. (Sssshhh, we're not tellin'.)

She decorated her room with a pink shag rug and hung a light pink sheet behind her bed for some extra color on the walls. She made the table runner for her dresser-top and stores her make-up in those cute little pink nesting box on top of the dresser.

Over her bed she displays a painting by Salvadore Dali, one of her favorite artists. And she keeps the bed simple without the fuss of throw pillows that inevitably end up on the floor.

She decorated her lampshade with scrapbook stickers. And I spot a good book on her nightstand. ;)

Since she isn't crazy about typical bulletin boards, the renter made four miniature ones out of fabric-covered cork tiles.

Personally, I think that desk is great compared to some of the dorm-room desks I've had to use. But this renter doesn't like it and made a table runner to hide some of the "hideous drawers."

Sheer black Ikea curtains dress up the windows.

This is the renter's "junk corner." I do like the idea of using a coat-tree to keep purses handy. She plans on painting the coat rack black.

And here's her black dresser. I love how the dresser's frosted glass compliments the frosted glass on the nearby floor lamp.

The photos of this room were posted to HGTV's Rate-My-Space and belong to laurakim289.


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