Tangerine + Aquarmarine

This freshman dorm-dweller is sharing a dorm with her childhood friend at Ole Miss (aka the University of Mississippi). With help from their moms, the two girls decorated their room with a white, turquoise, and orange color scheme.

Matching comforters and bedsheets really pulls the room together. They continue the color scheme with a coordinating rug, ottoman, sofa, throw-pillows, and curtains. The orange works really well with the color of furniture in the room. I also like that the school painted the dorm in a beige instead of white, which makes for a cozier space.

The sitting area can double as a place for friends to crash. I love how crisp and clean the white sofa is. The orange and turquoise pillows really pop against it.

Not only is the girls' dorm attractive, but they also aimed for function and efficiency. Notice the silver cart on the far left--it's a great way to organize the mini-fridge, microwave, and other dorm-dining necessities.

Photos of this room were posted to HGTV's Rate-My-Space by classTR and belong to her, of course.



Anonymous said...

I especially like the part with the desk and makeup area under the two bunk beds- it makes a lot of sense.

Unknown said...

I agree. Although I think my make-up would take over the homework space. :S But I rarely do homework at an actual desk anyway! :)

Anonymous said...

Where did you find this bedding?? My best friend and I have been looking everywhere for this perfect set up!