Valentine's Day Wardrobe | Part I

Whether you're single, newly dating, going steady, crushing, engaged, or married---you have every reason to look fabulous this Valentine's Day. Enjoy this one day out of the year when an excess of pink and red can be seen as a good thing. :)


Above: Slimming boot-cut jeans, a feminine hot pink top, a chic gray cardigan in case you get chilly, sparkly ballet flats, a prettily-patterned clutch, and silver heart-shaped locket for a fun-filled night out on the town with your new love interest.

Above: A gold-embellished skirt, bold crimson tank, cozy brown cardigan, chocolaty peep-toe pumps, gilded clutch, and "heart-breaker" necklace for a romantic dinner with your beau.


Above: Your trusty pair of straight-leg blue-jeans, white red-lipstick-kissed tank, comfy charcoal boyfriend cardigan, shiny silver flats, red hot patent purse, and a "less than three" ring for a movie date to see "Valentine's Day" the movie with your girlfriends.

Above: Bright purple skinny jeans, a cute long-sleeved tee, turquoise ballet flats, a yellow tote,
and heart-adorned ring for a colorful double-date at the bowling alley.

Above: Distressed skinny jeans, a tattoo-inspired t-shirt, red sweater, black flats, slouchy black bag, and dangley bracelet for a rockin' concert or night-in playing RockBand.



Anonymous said...

You have great taste! All of your choices are so beautiful.

Frannie said...

These are the most gorgeous outfits ever!!! I want to wear them all!

Unknown said...

Thank you both for your nice compliments. :)

Elle Moselle said...

Looks three and four are very exciting for Valentine's Day! I didn't even think of dressing up for that day, since I probably won't be doing much but going out to dinner with my parents. But you're right, one can look great without having to do so for another person. Nice post :).

single wardrobe said...

gorgeous outfits! I love these!

Anonymous said...

LOVE these outfits!