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Public vs. Private | The Right Fit, 5

(above image via: here .) You may have your heart set on a school because it is public or private. There are many stereotypes surrounding both public and private schools. While some of those stereotypes may be true, it is important to include both public and private schools in your college search so that you can make the decision for yourself. The major difference between public and private institutions is financial. Public schools are supported by state funds and taxes. Private schools are supported by tuition, endowments, and donations from alumni and friends. Public schools are generally less expensive and easier to be admitted to, especially for in-state residents. Private schools are generally more expensive, but tend to offer the best financial aid. It is important remember, however, that the money issues vary from school to school. Public schools are often associated with big campuses, wide ranges of majors, and lots of school spirit. Private schools are often assoc

Clinique Happy In Bloom

I reeeeally want Clinique Happy In Bloom. I spritzed on a tester the other day and I couldn't stop smelling myself. It contains notes of "freesia, mimose, amber, musk, green leaves, yellow plum and lily-of-the-valley." I'm usually not a florally-perfume person, but I think the amber and musk balance out the flora for me. It's a limited edition, so I better hurry up and get some. ♥ Amore.

Alternative Nightstand Ideas

In small spaces such as college apartments and dorm rooms, a little creativity is needed when it comes to furniture choices. Sometimes a typical nightstand just won't do---you might need more versatility and flexibility when it comes to what you put next to your bed. Or sometimes you just might crave something a little less traditional than the typical bedside table. Check out these ideas: (Above via: Apartment Therapy .) A file cabinet is rarely found in a bedroom, but these can make great bedside tables. Paint it a bright color (like the red above) or leave it in its original condition... either way you'll be adding some industrial flair to your space. Stow away your books, magazines, school supplies, etc. If you have a drawer that locks, you can tuck away valuables and important documents for safe keeping. (Above via: Apartment Therapy .) An old ladder can be an ideal alternative because it takes up hardly any floor space and goes vertical with organization. Atta

64 Square Foot Bedroom Done in Grays

This inspiring apartment bedroom was featured on Apartment Therapy L.A. and I think it would be a great space to borrow from/copy for your own dorm or apartment bedroom. The room is open and airy and makes use of beautiful shades of neutral colors. The chair serves as both a nightstand and place to sit down. And a nearby mirror is always an essential. Hooks on the wall offer a place to hang up clothes, coats, etc. And shelves hung above the bed offer a place for pictures and knick-knacks. Lighting is mounted above the bed. And an old sewing machine is re-purposed as a nightstand. What a calm, gorgeous bedroom to relax in. Amore.

Specialty Schools | The Right Fit, 4

(above image via: here .) Specialty schools are institutes that offer training for specific careers. Examples would be art, music, Bible, business, health, and culinary institutes. There are typically little to none general education courses. Your entire education is based on preparing you for your chosen career. A specialty school may be right for you if: You have made a concise decision about what you want to do with your life and are fully committed to that decision. If you have dreamed of becoming an interior designer your entire life and don't want to become anything else, then an interior design school would be great for you. But if you are having trouble deciding between interior design and another major, your best option would be to go to a school that offered degrees in both of those subjects just in case you change your mind. Amore. P.S. The Art Institutes offer specialized, focused degrees in advertising, graphic design, industrial design, interior design, an


1. Vintage metal tray re-purposed as a magnetic message board with vintage button magnets. (I wish I'd thought of that!) 2. Pair of vintage red and while polka dot coffee mugs . 3. Material girl hand mirror . 4. Whoops! Guess I forgot. :S 5. Vintage yellow Luxo lamp . 6. Vintage 50s Vornado streamlined two-speed desk fan . 7. Pink Melmac melamine Mid-Century modern cereal bowls . 8. Vintage Olympia portable typewriter . 9. Industrial magazine racks . 10. Vintage mustard photo Rolodex . Just thought those vintage finds were too good not to share. Amore.

Small Space Inspiration | More Bedrooms

(Above via: here .) Embrace soft white. Opt for a white bed, white bed sheets, white walls, and white everything else. Add a touch of neutral warmth with a beige or cream coverlet. Instead of a traditional headboard, hang a shelf along the wall about a foot above the bed, but accessorize it sparingly. Forgo a nightstand, since the shelf serves double duty as a headboard and bedside table. Hang a fun ceiling light... like the sputnik-esque one above. (Above via: here .) If you find yourself drawn to more masculine design, take some cues from this room. Leave the walls white and the floor unburdened by rugs. Choose neutral bedding that contrasts---beige and black, or white and brown. If you want a touch of femininity without the fussy frills, add a few pillows that feature restrained floral patterns. Accessorize the bedside table sparingly and use an architect-inspired lamp. An old ladder works perfectly as a place to drape clothes, blankets, or even magazines. Leave windows

Community College | The Right Fit, 3

(image via: here .) Community colleges are schools that offer degrees after two years of full-time study. Degrees offered include associate, profession, and technical. Professional and technical degrees prepare students for immediate entry into the job market. Associate degrees prepare students to transfer to a university where they can obtain a Bachelor's degree after two more years of full-time study. Many community colleges offer on-campus housing options, but it is not required. Commuting to community colleges is a popular option. A community college may be right for you if: You aren't sure about your educational goals or your future career path. If you have no clue what you want to major in, you can get all your basic general education requirements out of the way while exploring your interests. You want individual attention in the classroom. Classes are generally small. Professors are readily available for help. You will get to know your classmates, professo

Don't Forget...

(image via: here .) fill out and send in your FAFSA . Do it. See if you qualify for federal student aid. It's important. It's easy and you can do it online here . Just a friendly reminder. Have a good week! :) Amore.

Small Space Inspiration | Living Rooms

(Above via: here .) Small-scale furniture works best in small spaces. Two small tables placed side by side are a perfect alternative to a bulky coffee table--they're dainty, ladylike, and easy to move. Chairs on casters also allow for easy re-arrangement. A tall, white dresser adds storage. And the bench under the window serves double duty as bench and table. (Above via: here .) You don't have to break the bank to furnish a small space. Check local vintage, thrift, and antique stores for old furniture. This 1960s couch is quite fabulous, no? The end table and coffee table are tea-boxes that were found on the street, as was the antique window that dresses up the wall. I really love the vintage accents--the radio and fan. (Above via: here .) Drape a table cloth over a bookcase to hide clutter but keep storage. Incorporate lots of white for a clean, crisp, airy feel. Dress up walls with art you like in a variety of sizes, but with a common theme and color scheme in

Small Space Inspiration | Bedrooms

(Above via: Apartment Therapy .) Go minimal. Keep the floors bare and the white walls crisp and clear. Choose a platform bed that is low to the floor and has clean lines. Instead of bulking the space up with a nightstand, use the floor. Stacks of books can look effortlessly pretty. A vase of brightly-hued flowers adds cheer. And a bendable floor lamp is a perfect replacement to the traditional bedside lamp. Opt for solid bedding. And hang pictures lower to the floor than usual to create the illusion of more vertical height. (Above via: Design Sponge .) Cubicle bookcases have become essentials for small spaces. The cubes are perfectly sized for organizing everything from books and magazines to trinkets and vintage accessories. Position the bed close enough to the bookcase and you'll have an ideal alternative to a nightstand. Just stick your alarm clock into the nearest cube and put a lamp up on top of the shelf. Use lots of white---white walls, white bedding, white bo

University | The Right Fit, 2

(above via: here .) Universities are institutions of higher learning and research, which offer academic degrees in a large variety of subjects. Universities provide both undergraduate and postgraduate education. These schools are usually public. They are typically quite larger than Liberal Arts colleges. Public state universities are often huge! A university may be right for you if: Big numbers don't scare you. A lecture hall class might include over 400 students. Class size reflect institutional size. So the bigger the school, the bigger your classes. You seek anonymity in the classroom. In other words, you don't mind being a number instead of a name. If you want to get to know your professor or seek additional help, you'll probably have to visit him/her during their office hours. If you prefer to keep quiet and listen in class, or you don't mind speaking up in front of a large audience... these large classes will be no problem for you. You want a huge selection

Bold Eclectic | Decor Board #1


Liberal Arts | The Right Fit, 1

(above image via: lightsabers247 ) Liberal Arts colleges are four-year schools with a strong emphasis on undergrad student of the liberal arts. Most are private and smaller than universities. Students typically spend two years studying a broad range of liberal arts before declaring a major. A Liberal Arts college may be right for you if: You want individual attention in the classroom. Since these colleges are generally smaller, the class sizes are smaller. This allows you to get to know your professor and classmates on a more intimate level. Your prof will know your name, you'll have class with many of the same students, and personal assistance will be readily accessible. You want to live on-campus , but not be overwhelmed since this'll be your first time living and learning away from home. Dorms and campus apartments will provide you with small, close-knit communities so that you can make friends and have a great residential experience. You want everything within easy w

New Series: The Right Fit

(above image from An Optional Holiday ) Back during my senior year of high school, this (above) is what my bedroom floor looked like. I got college mail from everywhere. It was truly amazing and... well, overwhelming. I do, however, remember how fun it was to flip through the various college lookbooks and admire the beautiful campuses. While my blog is mostly directed to current college students, I like to feature content for future and former students as well. It is that time of year for high school seniors across the nation to be making crucial decisions and preparations for what school they're going to attend in the fall. So in the upcoming months of March, April, and May I'll be doing a series called The Right Fit. Basically I'll be covering the basic differences between certain types of schools and the considerations to take into account before committing yourself. This series will be beneficial not only to high school seniors, but to current college studen

Nailing It

above via: here above via: here above via: here Just wanted to show you three pretty nail polish looks that I'm digging right now. It's been a busy, busy weekend with homework, my brother's birthday party, and the boyfriend. The weather is becoming gorgeous after a long winter. (We even opened the windows and I drove with my sunroof open!) Hope yours was lovely. See you this week. ♥ Amore.

More Decor Inspiration

Yesterday, I featured some rooms to draw inspiration from for some Spring revamping of your dorm room or apartment. Well, I have three more rooms for you today. These rooms are more eclectic in style, but I think that with the help of thrift stores, antique shops, and your parents' attic, the style can totally be pulled off in your school residence space. (above via: here .) I'm a sucker for exposed brick. If you're one of the lucky students whose room features brick walls, one of your options is to play up the warmth of the brick with warm, vibrant colors. Orange, pink, red and yellow look great with brick. And touches of blue and green cool it down a little. In fact, a whole rainbow array of colors would look fantastic like in the room above. (above via: here .) Perhaps the exposed brick in your room is more beige or brown instead of orange or red. Pale pink looks effortlessly pretty against beige and light brown, like in the room above. Take your room to a vi

Beautiful Blogger | My first award... :D

The fabulous Aury of An Ordinary Girl's World: Fashion, Love, Life (whose blog I love to read and comments I love to see) tagged me with a blog award. This completely made my day and I'm super excited because I've never received a blog award before. Thank you sooooo much, Aury! Now I must divulge 7 things about myself. Let's see... 1. I hate to cook, but love to bake. I'm not a very good cook, but it wouldn't be unusual to find me in the kitchen at midnight baking muffins or cookies just for the heck of it. 2. I have this weird habit of looking at any house (be it big, small, rundown, or pristine) and imagining the floorplan. It's compulsive. I look at a house and automatically envision how the rooms, stairs, etc. are all laid out. 3. Waaay back in high school I was a HUGE drama-nerd. I was president of my school's International Thespian Society, knew the lyrics of every showtune, and could focus/aim/set-up the stagelights. And I miss th

Fleuriste's Dorm

I haven't been this excited about a dorm in a long time---I'm completely smitten with Fleuriste 's dorm room decor choices. She stuck to a lovely neutral palette and accented the room with personal and vintage touches. Here's a close-up of her desk/study-space. A whiteboard is a handy place to jot down a to-list. Little notes, scraps, and a photo strip bedeck a bulletin board. And a calendar featuring classic vintage photographs keeps her on schedule. What I really love about this room is the artwork on the walls. The wall decor includes a vintage Vogue print, classic paintings, a "Keep Calm and Carry On" spin-off print, drawings, photographs, and a lovely cameo silhouette. Pink flowers add a burst of color in an otherwise neutral palette. And the dorm dweller's bookshelf is accessorized with a reed diffuser, drawers' model, and antique photographs. Her bed is lovely! I'm seriously in love with that comforter. The way the fabric gathers and