Beautiful Blogger | My first award... :D

The fabulous Aury of An Ordinary Girl's World: Fashion, Love, Life (whose blog I love to read and comments I love to see) tagged me with a blog award. This completely made my day and I'm super excited because I've never received a blog award before. Thank you sooooo much, Aury!

Now I must divulge 7 things about myself. Let's see...

1. I hate to cook, but love to bake. I'm not a very good cook, but it wouldn't be unusual to find me in the kitchen at midnight baking muffins or cookies just for the heck of it.

2. I have this weird habit of looking at any house (be it big, small, rundown, or pristine) and imagining the floorplan. It's compulsive. I look at a house and automatically envision how the rooms, stairs, etc. are all laid out.

3. Waaay back in high school I was a HUGE drama-nerd. I was president of my school's International Thespian Society, knew the lyrics of every showtune, and could focus/aim/set-up the stagelights. And I miss those theatre days dreadfully.

4. I have really crazy dreams! I've even dreamt in cartoon. It's not uncommon for me to sleep-talk, sleep-walk, or... shall we say, hallucinate... Haha. But my family gets a huge laugh out of all my slumbering episodes.

5. I am utterly content in solitude. I have a big family and enjoy being around them. I have fun friends and a wondeful bf... and I love to spend time with them, too. But while I enjoy company, I'm not one of those people who need it. In fact, I need more alone time than social time. Alone time allows me to "recharge my battery," read, write, and be alone with my thoughts. I get grumpy and agitated if I haven't had a little time to myself in a few days.

6. When I graduate from college in two years, I'll have attended four colleges and transferred four times. :S Heh.

7. When I was little and played Barbies, I enjoyed setting up their houses more than I actually enjoyed playing. I loved the interior design aspect---arranging furniture, accessorizing, taping patterned scrapbook paper up to imitate wallpaper, etc. Sometimes, I would spend an hour setting all of the Barbies' rooms up only to play for fifteen minutes, tear it all down, and spend another hour setting it up in a new way. :D Those were the days...

Now, I get to tag some other bloggers and give them the award. (This is so fun!)

I tag Elaine from Glow in the Dark Soul. I love her unique sense of style and I envy her crafty diy-abilities.

I tag Moselle from Elle Moselle. She's fashion-forward, delightfully-insightful, and if we went to the same college, I'm just sure we'd be amazing friends! Plus, she's fab at graphic design. ;)

& I tag Luinae from More Magic Always. She's so well-written, creative, and stylish. I was very impressed when I found out how young she is. And I always look forward to comments from her.

Congrats, ladies!

Everyone, have an awesome weekend!



Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! It's always such a nice feeling to get an award.

Nikolett said...

Congrats on the award! And I agree about being content in solitude ... as long as it's not for stretched periods of time because then I feel anti-social haha. And what kind of things do you like to bake? :)

Melissa said...

Congrats on the award!

I love baking--when the world is on a tilt a little baking sets it right. I too enjoy being alone...but I fear becoming one of those anti-social people who keep to themselves so I forced myself to mingle.


Unknown said...

Luinae--You're welcome, of course!

Nikolett--Thanks! I like to bake muffins the most. Cookies and cake-things are always gooood, too. :)

Melissa--Thanks! I love what you said about baking setting the world right and may quote you on that. ;)

Frannie said...

I didn't know you like theatre! I'm really into costume design and im taking an acting class right now. Actually, im looking for a good monologue with a character that is in her late teens, early 20s from a play written in 20th or 21st century. Do you know any?