Double Desk Inspiration

Above: Side-by-side workspaces, each with their own separate but identical computers, lighting, bulletin boards, and desktop accessories. This space is young, fresh, and cheerful. Plus, the color orange inspires creativity.

Above: Another side-by-side workspace. Again, the space is organized with symmetry in mind when it comes to the laptops, books, flowers, and lights. This space is clean, cool, and clutter-free.

Above: This is a face-to-face workspace, which is separated by a bookshelf. Each side has its own desktop and storage space, but the opposite ends are unified with color and accessories. This space is comfortable, calm, and organized.

A student's workspace is one of the most important functions of a dorm room. Not only can decor be an obstacle when sharing a space with a roomie, but so can creating two functional but inspirational study spaces. Rather than putting your desks at opposite sides of the room, it may be beneficial to designate a certain part of the room as the dorm's study area. Put both of your desks there, either face-to-face or side-to-side. Collaborate on desk accessories, color scheme, and organization so that your space is highly functional and highly attractive.

(all images in this post from Inspiration for Decoration.)



Barbara said...

Really love the first one. I would like to eventually make an office. Currently, we both sit on the couch and use our laptops.

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, I love the double desks! If I was sharing a room, I would want it to look like this!

Frannie said...

The first one is so much fun but something about the third one just screams serenity to me.

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comments. Glad you guys like these! Not only would the set-up be great for dorms, but it'd work for a shared home office, too.

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love your blog! I just moved to DC where most apartments have minimal space. You have found great ways of maximizing space without having to minimize fashion and style. The rooms are totally functional but oh so unique! Love love love!

William Wagner said...

I'm actually planning to create a double desk but I'm having problems with the design. I really can't think of a really good design. I should probably consider those photos. They look awesome.

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Andrea Fox said...

These double desks are great for home businesses that needs collaboration when working.

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