Fleuriste's Dorm

I haven't been this excited about a dorm in a long time---I'm completely smitten with Fleuriste's dorm room decor choices. She stuck to a lovely neutral palette and accented the room with personal and vintage touches.
Here's a close-up of her desk/study-space.
A whiteboard is a handy place to jot down a to-list. Little notes, scraps, and a photo strip bedeck a bulletin board. And a calendar featuring classic vintage photographs keeps her on schedule.
What I really love about this room is the artwork on the walls. The wall decor includes a vintage Vogue print, classic paintings, a "Keep Calm and Carry On" spin-off print, drawings, photographs, and a lovely cameo silhouette.
Pink flowers add a burst of color in an otherwise neutral palette. And the dorm dweller's bookshelf is accessorized with a reed diffuser, drawers' model, and antique photographs.
Her bed is lovely! I'm seriously in love with that comforter. The way the fabric gathers and billows reminds me of a cloud. It looks comfy, crisp, and luxurious.
A gilt-framed mirror turns the dresser top into an ideal place to do make-up and hair. (We all know that dorm rooms aren't always conducive to our beauty rituals...) Plus, the mirror reflects light and helps in making the room appear bigger.

All of these photographs belong to Fleuriste on Flickr. Click here to check out more from her photostream.



Anonymous said...

I love how she was able to turn her dorm into a glamorous room!

Frannie said...

I agree! I wish I had her vision. I am going to work on that at some point. What a great find darling!

Anonymous said...

I love this room because it looks lived in, not like it was a magazine shoot.

Frannie said...

Oh btw, did i tell u i tagged u for an award on my blog. congrats:)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the comments. :) Her room is glamorous and I, too, envy her style vision.

Aury--Thank you so much!! I've never received a blog award before. :D

Kim (fleuriste) said...

This is a really late comment but I was searching through dorm room pictures on Google and I came across your blog - and this lovely entry on my dorm room last year! Thank you for your nice comments and this makes me really miss that dorm. Now I have to find inspiration for a dorm I'm sharing with a friend this upcoming year and I'll definitely be looking at your blog for help.