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New Series: The Right Fit

(above image from An Optional Holiday)

Back during my senior year of high school, this (above) is what my bedroom floor looked like. I got college mail from everywhere. It was truly amazing and... well, overwhelming. I do, however, remember how fun it was to flip through the various college lookbooks and admire the beautiful campuses.

While my blog is mostly directed to current college students, I like to feature content for future and former students as well. It is that time of year for high school seniors across the nation to be making crucial decisions and preparations for what school they're going to attend in the fall. So in the upcoming months of March, April, and May I'll be doing a series called The Right Fit. Basically I'll be covering the basic differences between certain types of schools and the considerations to take into account before committing yourself.

This series will be beneficial not only to high school seniors, but to current college students looking to transfer and students graduating from community colleges with the intent of pursuing four-year degrees.

This'll be a 12-installment series. I look forward to getting started!



Anonymous said…
PERFECT! I'm only a freshmen, but knowledge like this will really help me to be prepared.
Aury said…
Wow, good luck! I can't wait to see the first installment!
Miss Jessica said…
Luinae--It's never too late to start thinking about college. ;)



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