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Universities are institutions of higher learning and research, which offer academic degrees in a large variety of subjects. Universities provide both undergraduate and postgraduate education. These schools are usually public. They are typically quite larger than Liberal Arts colleges. Public state universities are often huge!

A university may be right for you if:

  • Big numbers don't scare you. A lecture hall class might include over 400 students. Class size reflect institutional size. So the bigger the school, the bigger your classes.

  • You seek anonymity in the classroom. In other words, you don't mind being a number instead of a name. If you want to get to know your professor or seek additional help, you'll probably have to visit him/her during their office hours. If you prefer to keep quiet and listen in class, or you don't mind speaking up in front of a large audience... these large classes will be no problem for you.

  • You want a huge selection of majors, degrees, and research facilities at your fingertips. Universities offer professors in the top of their field and the latest in facilities and technology.

  • You want lots of living options, both on campus and off. Universties offer not only the usual style in dorms, but also suite-style residence halls, campus apartments, and single rooms. There's more versatility. If you don't like your room in one building, chances are you can find a room you do like in another.

  • You don't mind taking the bus. University campuses are often so large that it's takes quite a while and quite a work-out to walk from one side to the other. Because of this, the schools usually offer a public transportation of sorts (often buses) to get students from place to place.

  • You crave diversity. Big universities bring in lots of international students from all over the world. Your lab partner might be from Korea. Your neighbor in the dorm might hail from South Africa.

To summarize, universities are big, public schools that offer a large variety of undergrad and graduate degrees. There is always something to do, and something for everyone no matter their interest. And there are extensive opportunities for you to explore your major through research facilities and professors at the top of their field.


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