Let the Springtime In!

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Bring Springtime into your dorm or apartment with these easy decor tips:

♥Undress or re-dress the windows. Rethink the heavy drapes you've got going on. By taking them down or replacing them with sheer white curtains, the sun's rays will be able to flow in more freely. For an even lovelier affect, open up the windows so that the Springtime breeze can come in! (You might want to avoid opening the windows if your roomie has allergies...)

♥Bring in some fresh flowers. A bouquet of pretty tulips in purple, pink, or yellow cost about $5 from your local Wal-Mart. (Daisies, carnations, and peonies are lovely, too.) Stick the flowers in a cute vase and enjoy. You'll be surprised at how a simple bouquet of flora can instantly cheer up a room.

♥Clean. It isn't called "Spring Cleaning" for nothing. Take a day (or weekend, depending on the size of your place) to do some deep cleaning. Scrub the floors, walls, bathroom, and windows. Wipe down all furniture. Dust. Vacuum. Wash everything from bed sheets to pillow cases and curtains to wall tapestries. It'll be a lot of work, but the fresh result is so totally worth it.

♥Start slimming down. No, this doesn't pertain to your new diet and work-out routine for that bikini-ready body you want in a month. We're talking junk. In about a month, it'll be time for you to move out of your dorm/apartment and back home (or wherever you plan on dwelling for the summer) unless you're staying at school and taking summer courses. If you're able to make weekend trips home, take stuff home with you. If making it home won't be possible, start packing what you can. Ditch things you won't need. Donate stuff to Goodwill or have a small yard sale. You'll be thrilled when you'll be able to pack everything into your car and head home for the summer.


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