Philips LivingColors

Here at LovelyUndergrad, it's all about budget-friendly ways to style your college living space. I don't spend a lot of time promoting expensive products, but I'm going to make an exception because I believe this product is well worth the money.

I recently heard about the new Philips LivingColors LED lights. These babies are small, easy to operate, and saturate your white walls with whatever color your heart desires. (There are 16 million color possibilities!) You change the color with a simple remote. And voila! Your walls are purple, pink, orange, or any other hue.

I think these lights go for about $200, but if color is a big deal to you and you're fretting about living in a white box when you go to college---I think this is a great solution. It might be something to think about saving your money up for this summer.

Or maybe you're lucky enough to win a giveaway. Enter to win one of the LivingColors lamps here.

Here's a video that shows the LivingColors light in action:


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