Small Space Solutions | Some More Bedrooms

(image via: here.) If your floor has a lot of character to it, play it up. Keep the walls and bed as simple, white, and crisp as can be. Stick to minimal furniture---an essential dresser to store clothes and a retro chair for a place to sit. Leave the windows undressed so that light can pour in. And check out that ethereal ceiling light.

(image via: here.) Daybeds are not only lovely, but boast double function as beds and as places to sit. By filling the daybed with luxurious bed linens and different sizes of pillows, you'll be creating a heavenly oasis to dive into after a long school day.

(image via: here.) In extra tight spaces where you may not have room for a nightstand, this is my favorite alternative. Hang a shelf over the bed---one that's long enough and deep enough for a lamp, alarm clock, books, and whatever else you may need near to you. But keep it to a minimum and make sure the shelf is hung securely---you don't want it to fall down and knock you out while you sleep!

(image via: here.) Put the bed on the floor. Forget the frame, the headboard, the footboard, and maybe even the box spring. Place a rug under the mattress for added comfort if you have hardwood or tile floors. But seriously---a bed low to the floor, swathed in soft bedding, and brimming with plump pillows makes for an inviting, comforting place to crash. And it's visually appealing, too.


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Frannie said...

I agree about playing up the character in our floors and walls. It adds something special to the room :)