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DIY Crate Bookshelf

(above image via: here .) This easy diy bookshelf was shown off on the blog How to Be Awesome . It is simply several old wooden boxes (easy to find at antique stores) stacked on top of each other. It gives off a very rustic/vintage/industrial vibe. And I love how the books are divided by color. For more cheap and chic shelving ideas, click here .

More Summer Beauty Products

Clairol Herbal Essences "Totally Twisted" Curl-Boosting Mousse I'm not one of those girls who are good at hair. I keep it pretty simple and I try not to do anything too damaging... so I limit myself when it comes to straightening irons. (Plus, straightening takes forrrrever and I just don't have that kinda patience when it comes to doing hair.) In the summertime, I love free-flowing locks. A few days ago, I ran out of my usual Aussie mousse. At Target, I ended up in the Herbal Essences section because Clairol stuff always smells amazing. I picked up a can of the "Totally Twisted" mousse and squirted just a little into my hand. (I know, I know... I'm bad!) It smelled fabulous so I bought it. The best part is that this mousse works great, too. I work it into damp hair, scrunch, half blow dry a few sections with a diffuser, and go out the door. Even after sleeping on my hair, I woke up with great waves. I definitely give this two thumbs up. L

Flyboys | 10 Ways to Swoon-Worthy

One of my favorite movies ever... "Flyboys" starring the one and only James Franco. Honest, I do like the movie for more reasons besides being smitten with the lead actor. I have a thing for airplanes... especially old military ones. And I like movies set in days before my time. As I watching, though, I noticed all these ways that the movie makes Rawlings (Franco's character) completely irresistible. So I thought it'd be a little fun and different to write a post about it. (Did you know that Franco is also at the top of Cosmopolitan's Stud Meter this month?!) Here are the top ten reasons for Rawlings' appeal... 10. His relationship with Lucienne and how he treats her. It's adorable how he's so obvious with how much he likes her. He's so bold and straightforward with his feelings. And then when they finally kiss... he practically melts. 9. Who knew suspenders could be so sexy? James Franco should probably coach every guy on how to remo

My Dwelling | Circa 1966

I came across the above image in a university photo archive. It's a photograph of one of the kitchens in an apartment like the one I'll be living in this fall. And it was taken in 1966! I'm fairly certain that not much has changed... except possibly the curtains. Amore.

Shabby & Chic in Tokyo

When I stumbled across Cottonblue 's set called " My Home ", I was immediately delighted. Her home is a mere 70 square meters in a seaside town near Tokyo. Cottonblue uses white in such a fresh and pretty way. Here are my favorite highlights of her romantic, cozy, utterly lovely home... (take some notes so that you can borrow her decor ideas for your own apartment or dorm.) To see Cottonblue 's complete home tour set, click here . The pink and blue are just so comely amidst all the white. I love the fabric in the cabinet windows and her collection of cannisters. Her desk is a splendid workspace. I adore the message board she made using an old vintage frame (on the left). Here's a darling corner of her home. A cozy corner of her bedroom. White candle holders she got at a flea market. I fancy these turquoise iron baskets.

My Dwelling | Floor Plan

Above is a floor plan of what my apartment will be like this fall. It's a two-story, two-bedroom, on-campus townhouse that dates back to about the sixties. I will be sharing with a roommate. I'm not sure which bedroom is mine, but it doesn't matter much because they're identical. The space is very small and probably a bit dated, but I love the challenge of a small space. I'm excited to plan my bedroom decor and work with my roomie when it comes to decorating our kitchen, living room, and bathroom. Btw, my roommate is an international student that hails from China. I have not met her in person, but we've connected via Facebook. She's a journalism-major and (from what I see of her photos) is also very fashionable. I look forward to meeting her and learning all about her culture! Amore.

Friendly Reminder: Share Your Space!

(image via: here .) Dear dorm-dwellers and apartment-renters, The school year is over and the summer fun has just begun! As you look back on all the photos you took during the 09-10 academic year, do you have any of your dorm or apartment? If you happen to find some, you should share them with Lovely Undergrad! If you have a fabulously designed place and want to show it off... post photos of it. If you have a disaster that needs desperate help with organization, function, furniture arrangement, or overall design... post photos of it so that you can receive valuable advice and inspiration. If you don't want your photos in the Flickr group, but would like to be featured in a post... send me the pics via email at lovelyundergrad[at]live[dot]com . And when the end of summer finally comes around, you can submit photos of your new dwelling, too! :)

5 More DIY Headboards

Dress up a salvaged chain-link gate with a blanket or quilt. Buy some cheap plywood from your local home improvement store. Sand, stain, and seal it. You'll have a sleek, modern headboard. Do your most brilliant ideas hit you right as your head hits the pillow? Or do you have some crazy dreams that you wake up and want to remember? Using a chalk- board as a headboard is your solution. Old doors can be found at thrift stores, flea markets, and architectural salvage shops. And they make for some gorgeous headboards. For instructions to create this beautiful, glowing headboard... click here . (All photos in this post are from .) For more headboard inspiration on Lovely Undergrad, check out these two posts: 11 DIY Headboards for Your Dorm 7 Stylish Headboard Ideas

Must-See: Letters to Juliet

Last Friday night I visited a nearby town and went out with a new girl-friend of mine. :) It was so much fun and a much-needed girls' night. As much as I enjoy hanging out with my bf and his crew, a girl needs girly time. M and I went to the theatre and saw Letters to Juliet , which I highly recommend. While the movie is definitely romantic, I would recommend this for you and your girl-friends as opposed to a date night. It's a chick flick. And a tear jerker... but not in the usual way. (I almost always shed a few tears during any movie.) I wept during this one. Good tears, though. Happy crying. Happy, swooning, thrilled crying. Basically, Letters to Juliet is the story of Sophie (played by the amazingly talented and amazingly pretty Amanda Seyfried); Sophie's a "fact-checker" who aspires to become a journalist. She's engaged to a goofy, crazy, Italian guy who is getting ready to open a restaurant in NYC. She accompanies her fiance to Verona

Survey Time

(image via: here .) Dear LU Readers, I adore you and want to know more about you. So I've compiled a survey of 50 questions about you and your college experiences. Up there on the menu at the far right is the word " Survey ." Click there or here and you'll be taken to the survey. Answer 25 questions now and 25 later in the week. Or do it all at once. Feel free to skip questions that you feel are too personal. Copy and paste the questions and send your answers via e-mail to lovelyundergrad[at]live[dot]com . Pretty please do this. :) I promise not to divulge any of your information/answers. I just want to know more about you. You can always ask me questions, too, by visiting my formspring . Ask me anything!

Home is where you hang your coat...

(above image via: ApartmentTherapy) Love the look of an old-fashioned coat-tree, but don't have the floorspace? Consider applying one of these Coat Tree decals to a wall near your entry. Simple screw in hooks or press on adhesive hooks... and you'll have a fabulous coat tree in no time. (Check with your landlord or resident advisor before screwing anything into your walls, of course.) Or if you do have the space and some money to spare... opt for the real thing. Urban Outfitters sells this one for under $70: Or, if you're more thrifty... hit up local antique stores and thrift shops. Even a dull wooden coat tree can be transformed with a fresh coat of boldly hued paint. Amore.

"Like" LU on FB, pretty please

(above image via: here .) If you didn't already know, Lovely Undergrad has a fairly new page up over on Facebook. There's going to be some good stuff going on... including some forum discussions about decorating, making the grade, and college life in general. You can also share pictures of your college life in the photo section. Head on over and "like" Lovely Undergrad soonly.

My Dwelling | Bedding

(above image via: Veronica TM ) That gorgeous floral comforter pictured above is from Liberty of London's home decor line for Target. I've been smitten with the pretty pattern for months, but the only thing I allowed myself to buy was a lovely coffee mug. However, Tuesday I ventured into Target and... Oh My! Liberty of London bedding sets on clearance?! There was only full/queen sized set left in the pattern I desired. So what do you call that? Destiny. I wrapped my arms around it and danced to the check out. (Well... my heart was dancing with happiness, anyway.) It's going on my bed in my apartment bedroom this fall. Picture it on a lovely vintage French Provincial four-poster bed. I'm torn on what color of bedsheets to find. I don't want pink, orange or green. I don't think I want white. I'm leaning toward a buttery yellow or baby blue. What do you think? Amore. p.s. Veronica (the gal who took the above photo of her own Liberty of Londo

Residence: Dorm vs. Apartment

(first image via: fleuriste , second image via: homesweethome ) If you're an incoming freshman this fall, chances are you don't have much of a choice. Most schools require new students to live in the dorms. And many schools require students under the age of 21 to live in on-campus housing. But if you have the choice and can't decide whether you want to spend your academic year in a dorm or an apartment... I'm here for ya. Let's break it down with some of the basic details of both... Dorms/Residence Halls The Basics: Dorms (or residence halls) are university buildings that house many students. There are generally two types: traditional and suite-style. In traditional-style dorms, you'll have a communal bathroom that everyone shares. (On coed floors, each sex generally has their own bathroom.) Communal bathrooms are large bathrooms with several sinks, showers, and toilet stalls. In suite-style dorms, you and your roomie will share a bathroom with the tw

Organizing Cosmetics

(above image via: melissann .) For many girls, putting on your face is an integral part of the day. Whether you take five minutes or twenty, whether you have a few basics or a whole arsenal of make-up... there's one common denominator: make-up storage. Personally, I do my make-up at my mirrored dresser. My cosmetics are divided into several trays that sit out on the open on my dresser top: powder foundation + blush + eyeshadow, lip gloss + lipstick + chap stick, mascara + eyeliner, make-up remover + liquid foundation, and one for all my brushes/tools. I don't always put every little thing back in the tray it belongs in... so it often ends up strewn all over my dresser top, which calls for frequent tidying. Here are some other ideas I found on the internet: (above image via: lissie_loo .) I had to share this one because first of all... who has that much make-up?! I'm completely amazed at all the different colors of lip gloss. And for having such a cornucopia of cos