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I had a daybed for a few years as a young girl. It was very much like the one in the second photo of this post, but white with brass details. (I wish I woulda had the idea to paint it some bold color like that!)

If you live in a dorm, daybeds are a great option because they can function as not only a bed but also a place to sit. (Kinda like a couch...) See if you can move the dorm-provided furniture into a school storage space and replace the dorm bed with a fabulous daybed. Daybeds are perfect for apartment dwellers, too.



Anonymous said...

My younger sister has a daybed and it works really well, because she can chill and watch video games with friends and still have a place to sleep.

Anonymous said...

I need ideas for my dorm I have a modern / contemporary style i HATTTTEEEEEEE clutter and wont a very easy relaxing dormm less is more but I want it to be stylish and add a lil tropical / miami I like blue