Decisions, Decisions

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It's due time for a personal post, I suppose. And basically I just wish I had somewhere to go to clear my mind. Maybe a beautiful place like the one in the photo above. But since I'm up to my neck in a school project and term paper right now, my blog will have to do.

It's almost summer. And while I should be excited about all the carefree months ahead, I'm stressing out about a very big, very important decision. Where am I going to go to school this fall? Usually I know in my heart what I really want. But this time, I am completely torn between my two choices: School #1 and School #2.

School #1 is a small extension of a larger four-year college. The courses are designed for working adults, so I would have class two nights a week. I would have to commute half an hour each of those nights, but I would be living at home and have lots of time to work. I'd also be able to keep working at the job that I absolutely love. But, I feel I'd be missing out on the "college experience" that I've always wanted for myself.

School #2 is a big, public state university. I would have a more traditional class schedule and probably come home on occasional weekends. I would also be living in an on-campus apartment--cooking for myself and living more independently than I am now. Hopefully I'd be able to transfer from my job here to a job in the store up there, but I definitely wouldn't be working as much. I'd be gaining that "college experience" and more independence, but it would come with a slightly higher price tag and bigger effort on my part.

At a relaxed pace at School #1, I can graduate in Spring 2012. If I want to graduate from School #2 by then, I'll have to work harder. Otherwise, I'd probably end up graduating Summer 2012. By going to School #1, I'll save myself a little money and be able to keep my great job and keep bringing in great money. By going to School #2, I'll enjoy the independence I crave and the opportunities only a big school can offer.

I'm not getting a whole lot of feedback from the people around me. (Maybe everyone is so tired of me changing my mind about school?) I just want to get it right this time, you know? I want to do what's right for me. I only have two years of school left and I want to spend it studying at the place that makes me happiest. I really need to get to deciding though. [sigh]

On another note, I did manage to have a lovely weekend. The bf came home and we dined out on Friday night and then drove around a little bit. I'll be so glad when he's home for the summer and we can go on four-wheeler rides and long walks at night. :)

How were your weekends? How is school going for you? Leave me a comment or e-mail me at misseclectic[at]live[dot]com. I love to communicate and learn about you, my readers. (:



Anonymous said...

#2, simply because Uni isn't just about classes or money, it's about the experience, the dorms, the classes, stuff like that. Def #2.

Stephanie Wood said...

From personal experience I would have to suggest #2, I go to a large university in Ontario(Canada) and I've met so many people and made friends that I'll hopefully have for the rest of my life.
Sure it sucks not having extra money and in some cases getting in debt, but you have your adult life to work it off :)

Jesse said...

I have to agree. I would suggest #2, but don't just listen to what other people tell you to do. Follow your heart! Good luck <3

Unknown said...

I am going with #2, ladies. :) Thanks for your words of encouragement. :)