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(above image via: Veronica TM)

That gorgeous floral comforter pictured above is from Liberty of London's home decor line for Target. I've been smitten with the pretty pattern for months, but the only thing I allowed myself to buy was a lovely coffee mug.

However, Tuesday I ventured into Target and... Oh My! Liberty of London bedding sets on clearance?! There was only full/queen sized set left in the pattern I desired. So what do you call that? Destiny. I wrapped my arms around it and danced to the check out. (Well... my heart was dancing with happiness, anyway.)

It's going on my bed in my apartment bedroom this fall. Picture it on a lovely vintage French Provincial four-poster bed. I'm torn on what color of bedsheets to find. I don't want pink, orange or green. I don't think I want white. I'm leaning toward a buttery yellow or baby blue. What do you think?


p.s. Veronica (the gal who took the above photo of her own Liberty of London comforter) has an equally lovely blog. Check it out here.


Anonymous said...

Baby blue! Oh wow what a comforter! Think cold winter nights + THAT! :o


Anonymous said...

WOW! I'm pretty sure I would have actually danced to the checkout.

Jesse said...

BEAUTIFUL!! I really can't wait to see it all together! I think you should go with baby blue because it looks like the other side of the comforter is yellow.

Unknown said...

Alba & Jessie-- I'm pretty much set on baby blue as soon as I find the perfect shade. :)

Luinae-- lol!

Shruti Goradia said...

Gray would be a nice shade too (when you want a change from the blue) it would really make the colors of the comforter pop.

Ariel said...


I freaked out when I saw and thought you should know XD