My Dwelling | Floor Plan

Above is a floor plan of what my apartment will be like this fall. It's a two-story, two-bedroom, on-campus townhouse that dates back to about the sixties. I will be sharing with a roommate. I'm not sure which bedroom is mine, but it doesn't matter much because they're identical. The space is very small and probably a bit dated, but I love the challenge of a small space. I'm excited to plan my bedroom decor and work with my roomie when it comes to decorating our kitchen, living room, and bathroom.

Btw, my roommate is an international student that hails from China. I have not met her in person, but we've connected via Facebook. She's a journalism-major and (from what I see of her photos) is also very fashionable. I look forward to meeting her and learning all about her culture!



Anonymous said...

I am really looking forward to seeing how you decorate it!

Unknown said...

Thanks. :) I can't wait!