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Organizing Cosmetics

(above image via: melissann.)

For many girls, putting on your face is an integral part of the day. Whether you take five minutes or twenty, whether you have a few basics or a whole arsenal of make-up... there's one common denominator: make-up storage. Personally, I do my make-up at my mirrored dresser. My cosmetics are divided into several trays that sit out on the open on my dresser top: powder foundation + blush + eyeshadow, lip gloss + lipstick + chap stick, mascara + eyeliner, make-up remover + liquid foundation, and one for all my brushes/tools. I don't always put every little thing back in the tray it belongs in... so it often ends up strewn all over my dresser top, which calls for frequent tidying.

Here are some other ideas I found on the internet:

(above image via: lissie_loo.)
I had to share this one because first of all... who has that much make-up?! I'm completely amazed at all the different colors of lip gloss. And for having such a cornucopia of cosmetics, I think this girl is quite organized. Everything is grouped in boxes. At first, it's a lot to look at. But then, you see that everything has its place.

(above image via: clocksstaystill.)
I like this one because it's unexpected and exudes vintage prettiness. Brushes, body mists, and some earrings are stored in what looks to be a tray made out of a vintage picture frame. Essential make-up items are kept in a nearby porcelain bowl. And the little pink flowers are such a lovely detail.

(above image via: pearled.)
If you live in a dorm where storage is limited but your desk is huge, take a cue from this girl. She keeps her beauty products on a tray onto of her desk. I love that her make-up is stored on a vintage cupcake stand. The tray keeps everything within boundaries and can be moved if you need to temporarily spread out the textbooks.

(above image via: MindtoEye.)
A large cosmetic box is a traditional but extremely functional option that makes it ideal for any college girl. This is especially appealing if you live in a dorm and have to get yourself around in a communal bathroom.

(above image via: carlaarena.)
If you rent an apartment, you're probably lucky enough to have a bathroom all to yourself. In that case, you're free to spread your make-up out and leave it out however you wish.

(above image via: mellietastic.)
Plastic drawers are found in abundance at places like Wal-Mart and Target. You can pick a color that coordinates with your dorm decor. Plus, they're inexpensive and lightweight. (I see a few things I like in this drawer: my beloved fat orange tube of LashBlast mascara and my favorite liquid foundation.)

(above image via: cecinestpasuneblog.)
If space allows you to have an area designated solely for make-up, try to put it near a window. Natural sunlight is the BEST lighting for applying cosmetics. This gal turned her window ledge into a vanity and I'm definitely coveting it.

How is your stash of cosmetics organized?



Anonymous said…
This post was so inspirational! What pretty pictures I keep my make-up in different make-up bags (one for eye related cosmetics the other lip related), I've got a case solely for eyeshadows, a pretty mug in which I keep my tools and brushes, and I leave my face products on my vanity (it's rather large so there's space for everything!)I'm in the process of "renovating" my make up collection so I loved these ideas on how to store make up! Thank you!

Valerie said…
I love this post! I use plastic drawers for most of my make up like in the next to the last picture. But for my everyday make up I have one tray on top of my vanity that stays out.
Anonymous said…
Good post! I use two desk drawers for my makeup- more eye makeup then anything else, so it goes in the second drawer, and everything else goes in the top.
escapade said…
I love using pretty trays for perfume and the little Japanese dishes for soy sauce for little jewellery bits. Inside drawers I love using small open boxes to organize everything - one of my favourites? Ferrero Rocher boxes - clear acrylic and the perfect size to neatly stack makeup etc :)
Thanks, ladies! I love reading how all of you organize your make-up. :)
Teresa L. Ellis said…
Hello, i make great custom lipstick holders to help with your makeup organization if you are interested. i promise it is worth your time, my stuff is super cute! check it out, all of my info is on my blog.
Thank you for your time.
Teresa Ellis

GREAT collection btw!
closets Bergen said…
These are indeed wonderful tips in organizing cosmetic products. Vanity items such as these really need to be stored properly to maintain their quality and keep a clutter-free home. Thanks for sharing.


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