Survey Time

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Dear LU Readers,

I adore you and want to know more about you. So I've compiled a survey of 50 questions about you and your college experiences. Up there on the menu at the far right is the word "Survey." Click there or here and you'll be taken to the survey. Answer 25 questions now and 25 later in the week. Or do it all at once. Feel free to skip questions that you feel are too personal.

Copy and paste the questions and send your answers via e-mail to lovelyundergrad[at]live[dot]com.

Pretty please do this. :) I promise not to divulge any of your information/answers. I just want to know more about you. You can always ask me questions, too, by visiting my formspring. Ask me anything!



Anonymous said...

I would fill this in but the College experience in my country is TOTALLY different to that of the U.S - to begin with, due to the size of the country, no one lives in dorms or apartments unless they're foreign students, normally, College students live in the house they were brough up in with their families until they have a stable job and move out/get married! I would love to have the American college experience but oh well :(

Good luck with your survey!


Unknown said...

Alba, I would love to hear about your college experience because it is so different. :) If the survey questions don't apply for you, just send me an e-mail all about the differences between US college experiences and your own. :)