June 1st Update!

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I feel like I've been away from the blog for a while. Posts have been published thanks to scheduled posting, but I haven't had much time in the last few days to check in. (I had over 400 posts waiting for me on Google Reader this evening!)

It's been a busy weekend. It started off with a bang on Friday: girls' night with one of my long-time friends (we go all the way back to 2nd grade!)... we had Applebee's and caught Sex and the City 2. I worked all day Saturday and then relaxed with the bf at night. We watched crime shows and drove around for a while. :) Then came Sunday and my brother graduated! After the graduation ceremony and hanging out at his party, I watched Dear John with my lovely cousins.

And if that weren't busy enough... I have a busy summer ahead! I work during the days. I'm taking a handful of online courses. And I'm in a play. :) A really funny play called Luau for King Lear in which I get to play the "chic director of a fine arts council."

But don't worry... Lovely Undergrad shall not fall by the wayside! I've got lots of posts on the schedule and lots of goodies to come... (things like guest-bloggers, reviews, and giveaways!). So stay in touch this summer. ;) I've also received an astonishing number of surveys. Thank you to those who filled 'em out. I really enjoyed getting to know you. To those of you who haven't yet... fill out the survey when you have a few minutes. I'd love to get to know you, too. :)

Let's have a beautiful June, shall we? Lounge by the pool. Sit around a campfire. Soak up some sun. Take a long walk at sunset. Enjoy all those summerly things, but don't forget to drop by LU, too!


P.S. Want to know something very cute and incredibly mushy? On Saturday night my bf and I got Chinese take-out. I opened my fortune cookie and it said: "You and your mate shall be happy in your life together." I thought, "Aww cute!" and then begged the bf to open his. And guess what his said?! "You and your mate shall be happy in your life together." We couldn't believe it! Haha. It must be meant to be, huh? ;) Anyway... I kept those two fortunes and they're going in a scrapbook soonly.

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