Painted Digits (+ Links!)

(above images via: WeHeartIt)

I loved painted nails. I don't love the actual process of painting nails---I'm quite awkward and clumsy at it. But the result is so worth it. I love having a flash of color on my fingertips to show off. (Too bad I work with a cash register and have to re-paint them every other day because of handling money. Coins chip polish terribly no matter how much I topcoat 'em.)

I'm currently addicted to a bold, metallic turquoise-blue that I have on both my fingers and toes. My go-to colors are matte hot pink and shiny classic red. I tried black for a while, but it wasn't for me. Some nail polish shades on my "to-find" list include: a pale ballerina pink, the perfect nude, and a deep raspberry.

College Fashion published a great post about the 5 Nail Polish Colors Every Girl Should Own. Classic red? Check. Pretty pink? Check. (My personal favorite is titled "Flirty Pink.") No-Nonsense Neutral? Need to get. Mysterious dark color? I have a beautiful deep wine that I love to wear in winter. And color that just makes me happy? Definitely the turquoise I'm currently donning. Click here to check out the full article.

Also, over at Olivia Writes... this post features DIY nail polish storage ideas.

Aaaaand... for lots of creative ideas to try out on your nails, visit the tumblog fuckyeahprettynails.

What are your favorite hues to sport on the tips of your digits?


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Valerie said...

If I didn't have to go through the actual process of painting them, I'd have mine painted all the time! I just hate that you do them and then a few days later they are all chipped and then you have a start over. :/ My favorite of the examples up top is the last one. I love the french tip done in black. :D Very cute.