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Hurry up & enter!

Hey lovelies! You have until 11:59 pm July 31st (tomorrow night) to enter to win Lovely Undergrad + CSN's Back-to-College Giveaway ! $20 is up for grabs! Enter now!

Boys Lie: How Not to Get Played | Book Review

Okay, ladies. Here are 17 lies that boys have been known to tell girls: #1: "Sex is only penis and vagina." #2: "Guys are built to cheat." #3: "You're a slut if you've had sex with a lot of guys." #4: "You can hook up with a friend without having feelings involved." #5: "If you can't have an orgasm with me, there's something wrong with you." #6: "If you're attracted to a girl, you're a lesbian." #7: "I'll pull out before I come." #8: "I can't wear a condom so you need to use birth control." #9: "That bump has always been there." #10: "I could be with someone hotter, but I chose you." #11: "You shouldn't feel that way; you're crazy." #12: "We should keep this between us." #13: "Don't worry, I won't show anyone these pictures." #14: "Have a drink or some weed; it'll ma

Shabby Chic Decor Details

This beautifully aged vintage door adds architectural interest and acts as large-scale wall decor. An antique white cabinet can keep books, magazines, remote controls, and other clutter out-of-site. The top is accessorized with an old window that frames vintage wallpaper. This lovely little side table is the epitome of shabby chic. And I love the blue glass candlesticks... sooooo pretty! Pairing blue with pink is a to-go-to color scheme in many shabby chic spaces. This little set-up of lovely blue glass jars and pretty pink flowers on a vintage tray is impeccable. A vintage tablecloth is draped over a cozy antique chair and dressed up with two pillows: one that boasts frilly texture and another that boasts a beautiful damask pattern. Last but not least, a pretty vintage gown dresses up an otherwise bare doorway. I love the pale bluish-seafoam color. For more photos of Heather's dreamy shabby chic living space, click here . (All photos in this post are from here .)

Design Inspiration from Lucy and Company

Lucy and Company is an interior design firm based in Charlotte, NC that specializes in kids' rooms but also extends out into other rooms of the home. I find Lucy and Company's design taste, color choices, and furniture selection to be incredibly inspiring. I love the workspace above because of the big desk and how organized all the crayons, pencils, etc. are. I also am smitten with the fabulous lamps. There are two things I love in this photo. 1: The chair is just absolutely pretty. 2: I love that the pictures are on the floor, propped up against the wall. It's such an unexpected but great way to display artwork. I'm a sucker for old books. I have soooo many interesting antique tomes that I've collected over the years from bookstores and antique shops. I may borrow the idea from this photo and lay a couple on a side table. It's such a sweet vintage touch. Those turquoise curtains are possibly the most gorgeous curtains I've ever seen in my

DIY Ottoman Slip Cover | from Design*Sponge

(image via: here .) Ottomans have become a college space staple. They can serve as extra seating when friends stop by to hang out. You can pop the lid off and stow away shoes, magazines, dvd's, and etc. clutter. They make for a great place to put up your feet after a long day. And they're versatile when it comes to furniture arrangement as they can be stacked, lined up against the wall, or left in the middle of the room. While these ingenious little cubes come in a variety of styles and colors, which makes them a good piece of furniture to hang onto year after year... what you loved last year might not be the bee's knees this year. Last fall you may have been wild for zebra prints and splurged on a zebra-patterned ottoman. But this fall you may be looking to tone it down. Or last fall you might have chosen a bland neutral so that you could "work it into any color scheme." But this fall you might want to spice it up with a fun print. Design*Sponge has

Concrete Floors + Vintage Finds + Modern Lines + Eclectic Artwork

A comfy, contemporary couch paired with the vintage coffee table makes an eclectic statement. I love the ladder used as a shelving unit. A mix of different patterns on the pillow and lampshade add personality. And the scarlet-framed mirror adds a vibrant punch of color. The tv console lends its clean, modern lines to the space. Magazines are organized into white file bins. A vintage lamp adds flair. And the sweet Ikea chair adds pretty color and pattern. I'm swooning over the retro dining table mixed with modern chairs. And the wall display of photos and prints is eye-catching, interesting, and gorgeous. I also love the simplicity of the overhead light. This is definitely a relaxing bedroom space. Without a headboard and situated under the window, the bed looks like the perfect place to dive into after a long day. I love the antique floral print of the curtains hung along the wall. And the red chest of drawers is a pretty burst of red color. What a fantastic and insp

Decor to Your Door!

Looking for some fabulous bedding for your dorm or apartment in the fall? Head on over to . Decor 2 Ur Door offers a variety of styles, fabrics, and price ranges to fit your bedding needs and budget. Decor 2 Ur Door focuses on the four C's of dorm bedding: Comfort, Color, Character and Customization. Here are some of my favorite things from 1. "Down to Earth" bedding 2. "Aruba" bedding 3. "Perfect Paisley" bulletin board 4. Collage decal frames 5. Vintage vinyl chalkboard 6. Retro vinyl chalkboard

Win signed Ikea merch from Whitney Port!!

Hey college gals! I just wanted to update you on an exciting giveaway that I stumbled upon today. (If any of you are fans of The City or old episodes of The Hills, you'll love this!) Whitney Port, the amazingly beautiful and equally sweet up-and-coming fashion designer, has teamed up with Ikea to giveaway some decor loot for your dorm! The grand-prize winner gets a bunch of Ikea decor stuff autographed by Whitney plus a $100 gift certificate to Ikea. Two runners up will each receive a $50 gift certificate. To enter, head on over to Whitney's blog and leave a comment telling her who your first role model was and why. You have 'til August 29 to enter! Enter now!

CollegeCandy Dorm Contest!!

Just in time for back-to-school shopping, CollegeCandy has teamed up with TJMaxx/Marshalls to host a fabulous dorm room makeover giveaway ! The Grand Prize winner will receive a fabulous pack of designer merchandise for your dorm or apartment this fall. Second and third prize winners will both get $50 gift certificates for TJ Maxx and Marshalls. How to enter? Head on over to CollegeCandy by Friday and tell them "something amazing you did that explains why you're the absolute best roommate a girl could ask for." The more details, the better! Make sure you get your friends to visit CollegeCandy and vote for you. Voting will close at 5pm ET on Wednesday, July 21... and the winners will be announced on Thursday, July 22 at 3:30 pm ET on Twitter and Facebook! Enter now , ladies!

Simply Yvonne's Sweet Modern Space

Yvonne embraces lots of white in her bedroom. A touch of color is thrown in on the white, patterned Ikea duvet. On her nightstand, she keeps a pretty flower and cherished photograph. In the corner of her bedroom, there's a chic chair that serves as the perfect place to curl up with a good book and cup of coffee or strap on a pair of cute heels for the day ahead. I'm smitten with this mirror and the little tray that serves as its base. A modern black dresser looks sleek in the room. And a big mirror propped up against the wall reflects light and gives an illusion of more space. Yvonne is a graphic designer who loves fashion design, interior design, web design, and graphic design. For more photos of Yvonne's apartment, click here . (All photos in this post are from here .) And to check out her gorgeous, gorgeous blog entitled Simply Yvonne , click here .

Sewing Studio & Bedroom

Sewing studio and Bedroom , originally uploaded by jessica anne matthies . Jessica Anne submitted a photo of her lovely space to the Lovely Undergrad Flickr group. Her room is divided into two spaces: one for sleeping, the other for sewing. A sheer white curtains acts as the light, breezy divider. A stack of vintage suitcases serve as a nightstand. And I love the pretty lantern surrounded by origami birds that hangs over her bed.

A+ in Swedish Glam

Design Tip #1: Embrace White, Make Statements with Color Who knew white could look so colorful? The Swedish have always known this well-kept secret. White floors, white walls, white ceiling, white furniture, white cabinets, white electronics... and a plethora of bold and beautiful splashes of colors like electric blue, hot raspberry, and cool turquoise. Design Tip #2: Mix the Shabby with the Chic Smooth, sleek white floors and cabinetry paired with a rustic cream table make for an interesting and appealing contrast. And ghost chairs! Oh my, I'm a sucker for ghost chairs. They blend into any decor scheme with effortless, elegant translucence. Design Tip #3: Get Your Eclectic On The Swedish show no fear when mixing and matching textiles and patterns. Take a moment to take in all of the different textures in the above photo: the floor, the white screen, the antiqued table, the various fabrics, the worn wardrobe, the wallpaper, the pillows. If you like it, find a way to w

Under 500-Square-Feet Charmer

Pale blue walls, like white, open up a space. A vintage chest of drawers (I have one just like this!) serves as a tv stand in the bedroom. Color palette: pale blue, white, turquoise, and a bit of olive green. A small vintage vanity stands in as a bedside table. I'm absolutely loving the zigzag chevron rug. A cozy corner accented with a daring chair in a bold red color. This little apartment is as close to perfect as I've ever seen. I adore the simple but cheerful color palette, vintage furniture, eclectic array of artwork and accessories, and overall charm of the space. I came across this lovely apartment via Apartment Therapy . For more pics of Mike and Maddie's under-500-foot-square-feet charmer, click here . (All photos in this post are from Apartment Therapy: New York .)