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Concrete Floors + Vintage Finds + Modern Lines + Eclectic Artwork

A comfy, contemporary couch paired with the vintage coffee table makes an eclectic statement. I love the ladder used as a shelving unit. A mix of different patterns on the pillow and lampshade add personality. And the scarlet-framed mirror adds a vibrant punch of color.

The tv console lends its clean, modern lines to the space. Magazines are organized into white file bins. A vintage lamp adds flair. And the sweet Ikea chair adds pretty color and pattern.

I'm swooning over the retro dining table mixed with modern chairs. And the wall display of photos and prints is eye-catching, interesting, and gorgeous. I also love the simplicity of the overhead light.

This is definitely a relaxing bedroom space. Without a headboard and situated under the window, the bed looks like the perfect place to dive into after a long day. I love the antique floral print of the curtains hung along the wall. And the red chest of drawers is a pretty burst of red color.

What a fantastic and inspiring little corner to study in. A vintage white desk is painted fresh white and the white laptop seems to disappear into the collage of inspiring photos, prints, and postcards.

In another view of the bedroom, you can see the beautiful rich tones of a modern dresser. I love the balance of a mirror and funky art print above the dresser. A vintage chair adds a bit of seating. And a dream-catcher adds some Native American flair. (I've always loved beautiful dream-catchers.)

The bathroom is also aesthetically pleasing with a lovely shower curtain that really sets the tone. Simple shelving and trays keep things clutter-free.

Anneroc is a wardrobe stylist who first fell in love with her apartment because of its concrete floors. The space was built in the 1960s and she furnished it with items from flea markets and vintage dealers. Most of the artwork and photos are her own. For more inspiring photos of Anneroc's space, click here. (All photos in this post are from here.)



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The concrete floor looks solid and very polished for the posh look. Concrete floors are a viable alternative to carpeted floors.
It is important for the floors to look sturdy and shiny as well. It adds beauty to the entire house.
Jennifer Swift said…
If you are going to add the things you have stated above you'll get a result of a perfect room or house. I like the simplicity of the bedroom on the 4th picture. It's very calming and relaxing indeed.

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andiegrants said…
I love the bedroom. It looks incredulously great. I would love to stay in that kind of room. I will surely have a sound sleep.

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Anne said…
I love the idea of adding a retro look to your table. It looks fabulous. I also love the idea of putting picture frames with very compelling designs. perth home renovations
John Stevenson said…
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Mary White said…
This is an excellent concept. I love the idea of combining great interior designs and amazing decors.

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Billy S. said…
That is a great interior design. It is just great when you were able to place all those artworks without making the rooms look crowded.

I can feel the place isn't that big but you were able to pull off the interior design without making the place look cluttered. Good job!


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