FinelyInc's Reading Nook + More

The photos in this post are from finelyInc's "home sweet home" photo set on Flickr. Immediately fell in love with the above photo of a reading nook. Maybe it's that rich red throw. maybe it's the big comfy chair. It just looks like a gorgeous place to curl up and read a novel.
Things I like in the above photo: That candlestick. All those books in the background. And the unexpected oar on on the bookcake.
Isn't that bed inviting? That's what I noticed first. And then my eyes were drawn down to the exquisite stone floor.
More stone floors and an elegant wood dining table.
A close up of the lovely throw pillows on the couch. I'm really smitten wit that pale blue one.

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Anonymous said…
The reading nook is just amazing!