Typewriter Craze

Timeless. Nostalgic. Romantic. Eclectic. Classic. Fun. Studious. Antique. Whimsical. Colorful. Whatever the make, model, or color... A typewriter can add that little extra something to a room. Here's a photo collection of typewriters incorporated into home decor.

Photo from a house tour featured in Country Living.

"Making An Entrance" post at Porch Light Interiors blog.
"Vintage Friday: Typewriter Part II" post at Luphia blog.

Flickr: hellobluebrown's photo displaying miscellaneous antiques.
Flickr: rachelluttrell's photo of a no-fuss workspace.
Flickr: Elly Zee's photo of Earnest Hemingway's study.
Flickr: Greater Yesterday's photo of her bedroom dresser.
"Vintage Friday: Typewriter Part II" post at Luphia blog.

"Vintage Friday: Typewriter Part II" post at Luphia blog.
"Girls Day" post at ShopTalk blog.
I collect vintage typewriters, btw. (Three now to date.) I'd love to find a way to incorporate one of them into my apartment decor this fall, but space will be limited so I may have to leave them behind.



ladytacones said…
Wow!!! I just discovered your blog, and I fell in love with it!

You have from now on a new Spanish follower!!!
Have a nice weekend!
meli.mtzesca said…
I have one too, it belonged to my mom when she was young (in the early 60's)
MaybeThisDoor said…
I have mine (a beautiful green one, with case)dispayed on top of my kitchen cabinets with some other eclectic finds.
Loving these. We are doing my daughter's nursery with a literary/typewriter theme and these are helping me get inspired.