Update from the Library

Hello lovelies,

I promise I have not forgotten about you or this blog! I arrived in Ames on Sunday and got all moved in. On Monday I grocery-shopped, organized/decorated my room, and got a tour/orientation of the department store where I'll be working. Later in the evening, I did some hardcore cleaning of the bathroom and kitchen. (It's not that the place was dirty... I just like to clean everything myself when I move into somewhere new.) On Tuesday my roomie and I dodged the rain to hit up Hobby Lobby, Target, and the mall---I got a super-cute dress. :) And Wednesday (yesterday) I was able to see my handsome boyfriend for a bit and help him move some stuff into his apartment. Last night I also worked my first shift. Today I've been on campus: getting a new ID card, purchasing the latest issue of Real Simple, and attempting to find some reliable internet access. (The wireless connections have been screwy lately...)

Sooo... I will have pictures up of my apartment soonly. I still have some minor touches to put on my bedroom and some major touches to put on the living room. (I have a feeling the living room is going to be a challenge.) I will also have posts up as soon as the internet issues in my apartment are worked out. It's super frustrating. :/

I finally found internet access at the library. I'm cozied up in my favorite chair on the fourth floor balcony (hence the photo above). But unfortunately my little netbook is near dying and I left my power cable at the apartment. ::sigh::

Otherwise all is well. I work again Saturday, my bf moves up for good on Sunday, and classes start on Monday. What a whirlwind! I hope that your ends of summer/beginnings of the school year are going splendidly.



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Anonymous said...

I really look forward to seeing your apartment!