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Little Package, Big Design

I adore this beautiful designed 1,000 sq. foot bungalow that belongs to designer and stylist Liz Carney. Liz works for a design/import firm called Euro Trash , which is pretty much my dream job. (I checked out the website and drooled over everything for sale there.) Liz's lovely small space was featured in Country Living magazine and I came across it via one of my favorite blogs Shelter . The style her place exudes is the style I aspire to emanate in my home one day. So let's break down just how much I love this space: Well, I'm not a wine drinker... but I love the idea so much that I would love to copy it with empty bottles---although I'm sure that would be a pain to dust. :S What I really love about her dining room is the table. An old country dining table paired with mismatched but similar chairs is sooo chic. I really like the burlap seat on that white chair. Also... the big bust sculpture on the table practically has me swooning. There's too much

Inner Soundtrack

(image via: here .) Do you have an inner soundtrack? I don't mean the music being blown in your ears by your iPod. I'm talking about the music you hear when there's no music playing at all, the songs that are stuck in your head as you walk to class or eat in the dining hall. My inner soundtrack usually consisted of stuff from the Marie Antoinette soundtrack, showtunes from Wicked and Moulin Rouge, mellow acoustic songs, and the frequent Lady Gaga. But something happened over the weekend. My inner soundtrack has suddenly become, well... hip hop. I'm not sure when it happened. Or how. Or where. But suddenly my brain is all: Widgets But I can't say that I dislike it. ;)

End-to-End Beds

If you live in a dorm, this solution is ideal for you. Consider putting you and your roomie's beds end to end---you don't have to put your heads together when you sleep and you probably don't want to put someone's head by the other's feet... so feet to feet would be best. Or if you live by yourself in a single dorm that has two beds, this is an easy way to create a more uniform look. Or you may find yourself living in an apartment but without a decent couch. If you can at least track down some twin beds (or maybe you have some) you can put them together, dress them properly, and end up having the comfiest hang-out on the block. (All images from Apartment Therapy )

Images of Inspiration

above: Pink Wallpaper Sometimes I end up with a few photos of rooms that I just love but have no place for. They're still super inspiring so I'm going to share them with you in a post all their own. I love the bedroom above for its mirror-finished bedside table, oh-so-comfy bed, and beyond-lovely window treatments. It makes me really want some shutters for my bedroom. above: Design is Mine Being the bibliophile that I am, how can I resist a room wallpapered in pages from vintage books? Dorm and apartment walls cannot be wallpapered, but I'm wondering if double-sided scrapbooking tape squares would help me to cover just one wall like this? above: Simply Grove A handsome corner. I love the masculinity of the chair, the antique gilt mirror, and the feminine green lamp. Oh, and those chevron-esque wooden floors are dandy, too. above: Simply Grove I'm not crazy about the chair or the flower paintings... but I love the long, low bookcase and ornate frames against

Pretty Organized

above: The Inspired Room Yes, a room can be both organized and pretty. I'm scourging my town for a cabinet similar to the one above. I think it would be thee perfect addition to my apartment's living room---it'd be a fantastic place for my roomie and I to organize/store books, mail, magazines, and other odds and ends. above: Decor Chick Oh, what a glorious pantry!! I'm definitely taking notes and brainstorming ideas into making use of my little pantry. above: Jeanne Winters This amazing message/inspiration/bulletin board was made from a door!! Click here to find out how. above: Year of Home and Health And no organization round-up would be complete without a desk space. This one was specially designed for homework.

Fashion on Display as Decor

above: Apartment Therapy Naturally, we can't all have our own luxurious chamber for dressing---furnished with exquisite chairs and daybeds, draped with lustrous silks, lined with pretty shoes, bursting with neatly arranged wardrobe pieces... all lit by a giant crystal chandelier. [sigh] above: Meagan But if your apartment or dorm lacks a closet or ample closet space, displaying your clothes on a clothes rack is a fashionable option. above: one haute mess But it's important to know that a clothes rack out-in-the-open straddles a fine line between fabulous and hideous. above: Belledame73 Keep your clothes tidy at all times. If you try something on and decide not to wear it, hang it back up. Don't throw it over the rack. A rack in the open is not like a closet. You can't just shut the door and hide the mess. Try to adapt a system like organizing the clothes by color, fabric, or type (shirt, skirt, dress, pants, so on). And invest in a set of uniform

Decor Muse: a Nursery?!

Okay... so it is kinda weird that I'm posting a baby nursery as inspiration for college dorm/apartment decor. Don't worry---there's no looming stork or anything. I just believe that you can find decor inspiration in a variety of places, including childrens' and babies' rooms. This is one of those rooms. I'm in love with it in all its white and turquoise glory. Vintage dresser: check. Elegant lamp: check. Pretty pale blue and turquoise poms: check check check and check. This armoire is p-e-r-f-e-c-t. I'd love to curl up in that chair with my Kindle. Basically, take out the crib, stuffed animals, and baby books... replace 'em with a pretty daybed, several pairs of ladylike high-heeled shoes, and some decor books... and this room would be ideal. I found this lovely space via House of Turquoise , the blog that shares my love for a certain shade of greenish blue. ;)

Floral Patterns

(above via: sweethomestyle ) I came across this image on sweethomestyle and all the patterns caught my eye. It definitely looks like a cozy place to crash after a long day. I love the floral bedding and tapestry on the wall, the furry rug, the bedside desk, the birdcage, and the upholstered headboard.

Darling Desk Spaces

above: cococerise Pretty desk example: lots of white, organized writing utensils, chic lamp, thin file bins, printed chair, hot pink tree branches that display photos. In the spirit of all the hours to be spent at our desks doing homework this fall... here are some inspiring workspaces to help you turn your desk into a place you won't mind spending a few hours each night. above: Dina's nest A totally uncluttered desktop... ahhhmazing. above: dottie angel Gorgeous vintage desk. Elegant lamp. Endearing accessories. above: Kathryn Estelle A dining table can also serve as a desk. Storage drawers and shelving can be tucked underneath. You'll be left with a lot of surface space for homework, scrapbooking, crafts, art, etc. Love that French message board, too. above: kay I love the mix of modern (desk, chair), vintage (phone, photo), and pattern (wallpaper, lamp shade) in this corner. above: skyeshell Daisies instantly cheer up a desk top. And I'm envious o

Kitchen Small Space Solution: Pegboard

above: christinephotosds As soon as I get around to taking and posting pictures of my apartment, you'll see that I have an itsy-bitsy kitchen. Sometimes I just sit and stare at it---brainstorming all the storage solutions I've seen on the internet, pondering how I can unleash my creative genius and create a magical place to cook. I've come to the conclusion that I want some pegboard. above: theholidaygirl928 above: evsmama above: giac1061 above: sassyradish above: .corrie Pegboard just seems ideal. I can paint it a bright, pretty color. I can free up drawer space. I can feel organized. Handy tools will be right within reach. And it will add visual interest. I think I may head off to Lowe's soonly... How do you feel about pegboard?