End-to-End Beds

If you live in a dorm, this solution is ideal for you. Consider putting you and your roomie's beds end to end---you don't have to put your heads together when you sleep and you probably don't want to put someone's head by the other's feet... so feet to feet would be best. Or if you live by yourself in a single dorm that has two beds, this is an easy way to create a more uniform look.

Or you may find yourself living in an apartment but without a decent couch. If you can at least track down some twin beds (or maybe you have some) you can put them together, dress them properly, and end up having the comfiest hang-out on the block.

(All images from Apartment Therapy)


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Abe said...

I especially like the top photo...it looks so relaxing and perfect as a dorm room! :)