Fashion on Display as Decor

Naturally, we can't all have our own luxurious chamber for dressing---furnished with exquisite chairs and daybeds, draped with lustrous silks, lined with pretty shoes, bursting with neatly arranged wardrobe pieces... all lit by a giant crystal chandelier. [sigh]

But if your apartment or dorm lacks a closet or ample closet space, displaying your clothes on a clothes rack is a fashionable option.

But it's important to know that a clothes rack out-in-the-open straddles a fine line between fabulous and hideous.

Keep your clothes tidy at all times. If you try something on and decide not to wear it, hang it back up. Don't throw it over the rack. A rack in the open is not like a closet. You can't just shut the door and hide the mess. Try to adapt a system like organizing the clothes by color, fabric, or type (shirt, skirt, dress, pants, so on). And invest in a set of uniform clothes hangers to pull it all together.

above: ooh_food
Integrate glitzy accessories. Put your favorite shoes and purses on display, too. Raid Hobby Lobby for sheets of fake silk to drape over furniture and hang from the windows. Hit up the antique store for an ornate mirror. And try your luck at vintage dealers for some furniture from a bygone era.

So glamorous.


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