Little Package, Big Design

I adore this beautiful designed 1,000 sq. foot bungalow that belongs to designer and stylist Liz Carney. Liz works for a design/import firm called Euro Trash, which is pretty much my dream job. (I checked out the website and drooled over everything for sale there.) Liz's lovely small space was featured in Country Living magazine and I came across it via one of my favorite blogs Shelter. The style her place exudes is the style I aspire to emanate in my home one day. So let's break down just how much I love this space:

Well, I'm not a wine drinker... but I love the idea so much that I would love to copy it with empty bottles---although I'm sure that would be a pain to dust. :S What I really love about her dining room is the table. An old country dining table paired with mismatched but similar chairs is sooo chic. I really like the burlap seat on that white chair. Also... the big bust sculpture on the table practically has me swooning.

There's too much to love here! Where to start?! The beautiful moody "greige" wall color. The wooden floor painted white. Open shelving instead of cupboards. A gorgeous chandelier. A TURQUOISE fridge that exudes retro. Modern stools. Pretty pink flowers. Aaaand... a peacock on top of the fridge to top it all off. This gal is just fabulous.

She turned an empty bedroom into her own dressing room. I love the open racks and I could imagine myself very happily plopping down on that pink oversized ottoman to strap on some heels. And that red vanity to the right is to. die. for.

And now for the grand finale. Gray and pink are soul mates. Look at all the crisp, silky texture. Look at the sparkly chandelier. This room is so modern Marie Antoinette. So feminine. So perfect.

(All images were scanned by Shelter from Country Living, Oct 2010. Photographer: Bjorn Wallander.)


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