Why, Hello, Autumn.

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Even though the first official day of Autumn is not until September 22 (Wednesday), it has definitely been feeling like fall here in Iowa. This past weekend's sky was gray and drizzly. The air smelled like October. And I've even seen a few trees turning orange on and around campus.

On Friday I went on a lunch-date with a new girlfriend. We enjoyed some delicious soup and bread at Panera and then looked through each other's scrapbooks while chatting. It was great girl time. :) Later on in the evening I got to go on another date---this one with my bf at our favorite Mexican restaurant. I worked most of the day Saturday and was busy-busy-busy fitting boys for suits since there's a university career fair coming up. (I swear I re-folded and re-pinned hundreds of dress shirts this weekend!) Saturday night the bf and I met up again to see Easy A... which is soooo good. I'm a big fan of Emma Stone. Oh, and my lover surprised me with a box of chocolates he picked out for me from a downtown chocolaterie. I still can't decide which is sweeter: the chocolates themselves or the fact that he surprised me with 'em. ♥

Work today was also full of measuring and suit fitting and dress-shirt folding. But the more I get the hang of it, the more fun it is. I looove when a guy asks for my help picking out a shirt and coordinating tie. I just love choosing sharp combinations. After work I came back to my apartment, changed into flannel and fleece, made some coffee, and relaxed with the roomie.

It was such a great weekend that went waaaay too fast. Typical. Just like last weekend.

Last weekend my bf and I went to a wedding and I got to wear my red dress I bought waaaay back in January from Lulu's. Plus, I found the perfect red peep-toe pumps to wear with it.

Don't we look snazzy? (Aside from the sun being in our eyes?)
Also, while watching Easy A, I could help but admire Emma Stone's gorgeous hair. Once upon a time... I dyed my hair auburn. And this movie really has me tempted to do it again.

Emma Stone and her beautiful reddish-brown locks:
(image via: here.)

Me, 2ish years ago, w/ auburn hair & a sleepy puppy:

What do you think? Should I stay the natural light brown I've finally gotten my hair back to? Or go for the auburn?



Alyssa / A Muse a Day said...

Love your peep toes! I just dyed my hair auburn a month or so ago (it's naturally a dark, dark brown) and I love it. I say go for it!

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful! Really, really beautiful!

I like your hair color the way it is, personally, but it ain't my hair!

Anonymous said...

You should dye it Auburn again!

I just dyed my a similar color a month ago (slightly darker though b/c I have olive skin) and I love it. =D