Gray | Go-To Hue of Fall

Gray is really giving my favorite color (turquoise) a run for its money. I just find myself really attracted to all shades of gray---especially soft heather and warm charcoal. Gray is just so versatile. It can be flexible and classic like black, but not so heavy. It can be cool and fresh like white, but not so harsh. Gray has a versatility with other colors that some neutrals do not. When paired with navy, it can be classy and masculine. When paired with pink, it is romantic and oh-so-feminine. With red it's sexy in a smart kind of way, with turquoise it's trendy and bold, with purple it exudes mystery. And when paired with yellow, it is like sunlight poking through clouds on a dreary day.

Gray has been rising to "it color" status for some time now. It's a popular shade to throw on your walls. It's a perfect compliment to other colors and patterns when used in window treatments, bed sheets, furniture, and accessories. OPI's You Don't Know Jacques is a shade of "greige" popping up on fingernails everywhere. And a smokey gray eye is the sexiest smokey eye of all.

So it's only natural that this once-dull color ditch its boring reputation for rainy days and embrace a growing popularity in decor and fashion as a go-to hue.



Unknown said...

I'm loving the idea of gray nail polish! I might have to give that a try.

CollegiateDown said...

I got a pair of gray slacks and they are my favorite pair of pants right now.

Barbara said...

I'm a fan of gray as well. I like pairing gray with a vibrant color to give a little pop.