Halloween Costume Inspiration 2

Gotta love the naughty librarian look. ;)
Tweed skirt, cardigan, high-heeled oxfords,
fancy-schmancy glasses, pencil in hair.

Stand out at a party by blending in.
Blue jeans, red & white striped tank, chucks,
red & white striped hat, big black glasses.

Hoist the jolly roger this Hallow's Eve!
Frilly dress, wide leather belt, lots of jewelry,
knee-high black boots, and a tri-corn hat.

Smurfette = absolutely adorable!
White dress, blue tights and long-sleeve shirt,
white shoes, blonde wig, blue make-up and nails.

You'll be off to see the wizard in this get-up!
Blue & white gingham skirt, white top, red shoes,
pigtails, toto dog optional.



Anonymous said...

Love the pirata & Wizard of Oz inspiration! :)


Mademoiselle Deva said...

ou la la! very nice! I love the second and the third one!